Sep 18, 2006

Museum Monday #30

Monday. Monday morning actually, but still in the definite retro mood that has plagued me for the past 15 hours. A 6502 mood even, dangerously bordering on a full blown Acorn 8-bit lust. That's why this Museum Monday (number 30, no less) entry is all about the Acorn BBC models: the Electron, Master and Compact. And a bit on stuff like the Archimedes too. Anyway, just visit the brilliant and deviously-named The BBC Lives! website and find out about it yourselves. Mind you, you'll also find a large collection of scans, BBC related software and emulators, an impressive PDF (& html) e-book collection, tons of retro games, FAQs, pictures and more.

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  1. Thankyou, you've just ruined any chances of a productive afternoon for me.

    I'm off to play Spy Hunter all afternoon now... ;)

  2. Welcome, welcome... Destroying humanity's productive tendencies, is after all the point of keeping Gnome's Lair alive...

  3. Thankfully i've been to the bathroom first, you museum stalker you....

  4. More of an exhausted wreck actually...

    Where did you say the bathroom was?

  5. .......too late!... (runs for mop....)
    looks like your a rather busy gnome of late..... which is good!!!....
    and bad in that we're deprived of our favourite woodland creature....

  6. Sorry for the mess... even though we might be at my place, this aint no excuse. Uh...the disgrace...

    Oh, and that's touching. really. thanks... I will be back (in full I mean) soon. Well, sooner.. or later... still... I need to visit Paris first...

  7. can we come with you? please we'll behave... i haven't thrown up in public since...... (thinks>>>)

    last Sunday.....

  8. Sure, sure, after all it'll be wine in Paris. We can't get drunk on wine...

  9. .... i'm sure we're missing an important wine drinking principle here somewhere....... oh well !!