Sep 14, 2006

Half-Life Cheats and Walkthrough

Half-Life, nowadays also appearing under the not-so-cute name of Half-Life 1, is one of those rare and excellent games that just won't age. It also is one of those games where a walkthrough or even a cheat would come in handy. Apparently, so would a guide or some hints.

Without further ado then, here's what you've been (probably) looking for:

A Half-Life walkthrough at, and one more at Gamefaqs. Tons of HL cheats, along with more cheats, the brilliant and very recommended UHS Half-Life hints and a nice PlanetHalfLife guide. Oh, and don't forget the IGN Guide either.

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  1. ....and an excellent game it was..! well still is...
    Did you play Half-Life2 Gnome..? I might add that one was a piece of art as well.... I actually broke down and put that one on my art only pc so I could play it with the graphics turned all the way up....- it was a thing of beauty!!

    Im also looking for an older rpg of sorts to put on my pc (for when I get writers block, story n all).. Something like Baldurs Gate 1 or 2/both or NeverWinter Nights..??? Never have played them :( What would you suggest?
    -thanks my small, but powerful friend.

  2. Ah yes... powerful indeed dear Detrix. More than any of you can imagine... He hehehe... Ahem.

    Anyway. Both Baldurs and Diablo are long & addictive games that you might enjoy, but Fallout (1 and 2) are the best RPGs ever created...

    As for HL2.. Unfortunately only played the demo and read the reviews... Damn.

  3. (jumping up and down) yes yes baldurs gate, the entire blissfully entertaining life whittling adventure.

    (calms down some) but Fallout one and two are ace.

    (realising he hasn't added anything to the discussion... elderly thinks and thinks)

    Planetscape's game Torment

  4. Good find, Gnome! This stuff will be handy: I decided that I should see what the fuss is about, so I just picked up a copy of the original Half-Life a few weeks ago.

  5. Ah, a brilliant choice my dear Possum... I'm sure you'll enjoy it and believe me you'll need the hints. Oh, and mind the snipers (later on in the game) dear...

    Oh, you've decided to have a sit Mr. Elderly. Good. I'll bring you the ceremonial tequila and we can *calmly* discuss Fallout 3.

  6. i'm sorry i don't know what came over me..... must be the Greek food...

    ahh that's exactly what i need some ceremonial tequila....

    ceremonial? is there going to be a ceremony?... we're not sacrificing again are we?

  7. Of course we aren't. It's just the first tequila of autumn (autumn beginning right now), thus a ceremonial tequila... Nothing bloody to occur.

  8. phew!... (takes glass of autumnal cheer) bottoms up!!!!

  9. Glup. Nice. Have some more... I sure need some...