Jul 4, 2006

The working man's Mario

Pump up the volume and prepare to watch Mario get all socialist under the heroic tunes of the Red Army orchestra. No, really... Just click here (it's an impressive flash animation). Or click here for vintage USSR posters instead. One's Mario -after all- is another's Uncle Joe.

Then again, and only if the mood is right, have a whack at your boss or simply play Nintendo. Just like you did as a kid (the Nintendo bit, that is)...

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  1. Hi, not sure what you mean by being ignored in the Blog Olympic results you ARE listed in the silver medal list.

  2. Well... that's exactly what I mean dear... I shouldhave gotten a bronze medal, but really, it doesn't matter.

    I just want my bronze. Please?

  3. (of course I didn't notice the medal at all...oops..)

  4. Thanks for keeping an eye out, buddy. Good to be back.

  5. bronze, silver....you'll always be gold to me........(speaking to his tequila bottle)

    ignored in the olympics, castigated in the ogre community, and yet finds the optimism and strength to post a russian mario.....comrade gnome, I salute you!

    what a waste of magic mushrooms though!

  6. Wow, the Russian version of Super Mario Bros. is 10x better.

    I won a gold medal...... in a pie-eating contest. (In my best Homer Simpson impression) Mmmm, Pie *gargles in joy*

    Excellent post.

  7. Glad to see "The Return of Frosty", give Mr. Elderly any medal he chooses and thank Gamer C for being kind.

    1848... Now that's a mod waiting to happen...

    Goodmornning comrades!

  8. (hoists the hammer and sickle)

    jeez there heavy, no wonder mario looks anorexic

  9. that mario animation is possibly the single coolest thing i've ever seen. I knew this internet thingy would have it's uses sooner or later. Jolly good show, Gnome old boy!

  10. Ahh... a friend's appreciation... precious :)