Jul 20, 2006

Dungeon Hacks are Dangerous ...

.. even more so when acted out,not on a safe-little PC screen, but in real life. We gnomes, being the rational beings we are, usually opt for the middle solution. We don't rot playing Diablo, we avoid facing any actual danger whatsoever. No! We go play miniature based dungeon hacking wargames instead. No mutated mice, no creepy Jellies, no chance of breaking a nail, just miniatures, lots of dice and of course free rules. Oh, and let me stress this last bit.. Free rules, as (for example) found here, at the Dungeons Dark and Dangerous site. Visit it, it's a nice cozy and safe wargaming haven. No Kobolds are to be found ;).

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  1. how you ever managed to find it is beyond me. (pulls door off hinges, grabs ruler and penci)inch squares you say.

  2. Yep, inch squares....

    (swiftly pushes the tiny warpgate under the bed)

    Sheer luck my friend, sheer web-luck...

  3. .....am any idea what numbers i should pick for this weeks lottery? perchance, maybe at all even, a hint!

  4. Well, thr33 is always a favorite, usually followed by 57 and then a 1300.

    In case lottery numbers in Ireland can't accomodate those wisely chosen ones, may I propose:


  5. Staggering, you mystical linker you,

    (clutches lottery ticket with gnomes conjured numbers.......)

    now all we have to do is wait.....

  6. and, apparently, hope...

  7. ..... strangely a thr33 came up on the third draw.....

    (unpacks suitcase....) oh well guess your stuck with me for a while longer

  8. Great!

    Now, we can play all those nice ROGs!

    And of course drink heavily...

  9. (light bulb sparks into life in the necrotic elderly brain)

    we could do both!