Jun 26, 2006

Museum Monday #20

Monday. Thankfully the world is still intact. Quite a shock that, but a pleasant one nonetheless. Still, things could be so much better. Much worse too of course, but I'd rather stick to the pessimistic side of things, being a gnome with a dwarf's grumpy attitude and all.

Anyway. On to Museum Monday. Number 20 to be more precise. It's once again Amiga (and games) related, but quite impressive. It's Dr. Zarkov's GAGE (Golden Amiga Games Encyclopedia). Click and you'll have a chance of browsing through hundreds of classic (or not-so-classic) games.

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  1. Woah, that's really strange.

    I was thinking about Alien Breed the other day (wondering what it was called actually so thanks for that) because I remember being amazed when my friend brought his Amiga around (i'd just got a Master System around that time).

    Once again you've filled me with a lovely dose of retro gaming. Those were the days...

  2. Glad you got touched Tom, but please don't cry... You see, we're all stuck in an age of gaming nirvana that never actually existed, even though alien breed was excellent.

    On the other hand, just ignore me. I have a headache. Thanks for the comment mate...

  3. Whoa! AMIGAS!! Who can forget Super Stardust? top Monday Museum - and up to 20 so soon. Here's to many more...

  4. Strip Pok......I mean castlevania.. Motherload mr. Gnome, motherload. I'd applaud if it weren't for that nasty headache of yours.

    (heads off to the shops for some Gnome sized paracetamol, but discovers the parrots ate them all)

  5. Retro gaming, Ahh!! It never gets old in my book. Good find Mr. gnome.

  6. Why, thank you all so much. Now, I'm touched, and may weep openly...

    At least the headache is away though.



  7. About what year did that Alien Breed come out..? The graphics dont look to shabby!
    I must of got into gaming to late in my life to know about all these great retro games...
    A gloomy cloud fills over my head as I have missed something of importance. Lighting strikes and it begins to rain...

  8. Alien Breed was release in 1991, on 3 floppy discs, sniff! beautiful floppy discs, gaming gloriousness..

    (borrows Gnome's sniff)

  9. sniff... Where's my sniff?

    (Ah, another one bites the retro bone. Good.)

  10. a complete library of Amiga games is certainly exerting considerable influence, that along with magical gnomonic charm.....

    (checks fifa rules....)

  11. Amiga does indeed shine like the shiny thing...

  12. ah my amiga, i wonder where you are now? precious.....

  13. She might be waiting in attic or something...

  14. she indeed, alone in an attic, unattended, unloved, waiting.......
    for elderly.....

    (hums quietly!, rocks back and forward).....preeeciouss!

  15. never typed this one before... ROFL