Jun 21, 2006

The lost (and not random) Lair

It's getting more interesting by the hour... What (I indeed hear you ask)? Have a look at Deitrix's blog, and all will be answered (or will it? answers on a postcard please).

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  1. ahmmmm! Deitrix found your book!

  2. What you have to ask yourself, oh wise adventurer, is "did he?". Did he really? Was it indeed a freak accident?


  3. You mean....you couldn't mean...no not....an accident....but then that....left it on purpose....lured away and.....

    no surely not.

    (closes his window)

  4. Im having big problems with my internet connection again, so bare with me if Im not around....
    Soon hope to get a new service, but until then things are going to be sparse and slow coming!
    The chapters of The Lost Lair will continue as soon as I get some decent bandwidth to be able to post... this typing is about all it can handle before shutting down..
    Talk to you soon Gnome! Now I must see if I can get the Elderly's site up to give him the message- so far I havent been able to as of yet..

  5. Good luck my friend, may the gods of the net help you out. And the "Lost Lair" is bloody fantastic, both in terms of artwork and prose! Keep it up...

  6. deitrix your fading....crackle! Deitrix...

    Hurry back soon