May 22, 2006

Board Game review: 'Zombies!!! 2: Zombie Corps(e)'

Zombies!!! 2 is, as should have already been noticed by any bearded board games' scholar, closely related to the excellent board game Zombies!!! (already reviewed here). An expansion actually, or to elaborate a bit, a great, tidy, compact and beautifully produced expansion. Assuming those interested in Zombies!!! 2 are already Zombies!!! players (well, they really should be, as the original game is quite required to enjoy the Z!!!2 affair), I'll get right to the new stuff. Ruleswise you get a slightly tweaked core ruleset, that helps speed the game up and clean up slight problems, a nice FAQ and quite a few brand new rules. Without wanting to spoil the overall fun-of-the-fan I'll just mention two of them: 1) you get to ride vehicles, 2) tougher (government enhanced) zombies are introduced. Add to the improved rules:

- 15 new map-tiles that will let you fight the undead in a military base
- 30 new event cards (actually 2*15 new ones)
- 6 goofy looking but definitely nice glow-in-the-dark (super) zombies
- some blank replacement cards & tiles
- and (at last) quite a few (around 50) red heart tokens

and you'll understand why this expansion too, is a no brainer!

That's an (eight and a half) out of (ten).

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  1. Never heard of the Zombies!!! board games before, but you make them sound quite interesting, even though I'm not really a fan of board games.

  2. This one really is nice, simple, fun and quite Doom-like. It can also be played while drinking. Or driving (not really).

  3. Where do you find em? this does indeed look like fun and another reason to bulk buy tequila.

  4. Actually, a beautiful nymph brought this to my place. That's life you know...

  5. Gnome's nymph does have a certain ring to it.

  6. I might have to order this one just cause.. Dont play board games, but this looks funny as hell. Those 2 cards you have pictured are pretty funny..

  7. It is quite a humorous game... And one that leads you to silly mood... I would definitely recomend it mate...