Mar 16, 2006

The shortest walkthrough ever

Remember Apprentice Deluxe, a beautiful little adventure game I reviewed the other day? Good. Here is the complete walkthrough, directly lifted from the Herculean Effort website. Apparently it's the shortest one ever (seen by me).

Without further ado then, let me present you with the...

Apprentice Abbreviated Walkthrough

Brevity is…wit.

(Pib’s bedroom)

- TAKE scroll

- LOOK at scroll

- WALK to downstairs


- TAKE coffee bean grinder

- USE right cabinet

- TAKE ??? (sandwich book)

- USE Master’s door

- WALK to the far right side of the room (by the stairs)

- While Master is in the kitchen, WALK to upstairs

(Pib’s Bedroom)

- USE laundry chute


- TAKE broom

- WALK to outside

(Outside tower)

- WALK to cliff

(Tree by Cliff)

- TALK to snake (until you ask if you can borrow objects)

- TAKE book

- TAKE picnic blanket

- WALK to outside tower

(Outside tower)

- USE gate

- USE plant ID book with plant

- USE broom with sheep (left side of field)

- TAKE oregano

- USE picnic blanket with the grinder (or USE the grinder with the dish towel in the tower)

- USE oregano with grinder

- USE broom with sheep (right side of field)

- USE gate

- USE sandwich book with sandwich

- WALK to barn


- TAKE stool

- TAKE pail of milk

- USE stool with saddle

- USE broom with saddle

- WALK to outside

(Outside tower)

- USE picnic blanket with horse

- USE saddle with horse

- USE pail of milk with saddle

- TAKE saddle

- WALK to tower


- WALK to upstairs

(Ending cutscene)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Doesn't feel that short when you play it. Believe me. And this post seems to contain quite a few spoilers. Ooops. You could still test your wits at And Then There Were None, or even try a nice board game.

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  1. You should see the Game Faqs walkthroughs for the Dragon Warrior games - yowza!

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  3. Spam spam... But he's Italian so..ok.

    Oh, ross, dragon warrior??

  4. Well, maybe the games were known as 'Dragon Quest' in your region (until the eigth game in the series the games have always been known as 'Dragon Warrior' in America instead of 'Dragon Quest', as its known in other parts of the world), but its the most popular game series. The games are RPGs, and are incredibly lengthy games. The Walk Throughs for them are super long as well!

  5. Er, I meant this;

    "...but its the most popular game series in Japan".

  6. The trouble with Apprentice is despite its claims to be fairly easy you run into trouble if you miss stuff anywhere. And its VERY easy to miss stuff.

    They might have made it a bit more obvious you can skip that intro (by pressing ESC I discovered when testing if a saved game would restore ok).

    I'd been playing it for less than 5 minutes before I was googling a walkthrough. So it must be pretty shit.

  7. Truth be saud Ray I never encountered a problem wit Apprentice.