Mar 2, 2006

Hardcore retro-speccy cheating code

You think the Gameboy is retro hardware? Pfff! Think again dear. The Spectrum is (almost) the only true, hardcore, special retro stuff, that can chew your obviously adolescent self and your handheld and spit you out in tape-format. Cartridges. Pah! Modern stuff. Not good enough. With 'cheats' that require you to press a-b-b-b-left-a-up-up. A kid could do it you know.

Not in the old days though. No, you had to program yourself (or at least copy someone else's code) out of gaming trouble. For example: Heroquest for the Spectrum. A tough little game by Gremlin, apparently based on a Games Workshop and MB concept. How could you move your character at full and not randomly determined speed? The same way you can now. By typing the folowing listing and running it before the game:

20 CLEAR 24575
30 LOAD ""CODE 16384: LOAD"" CODE
40 POKE 34151, 182
50 LET MC=USR 28030

That's all. No silly random button pushing, and for further retro reading, I would either propose a piece on Atari Flashback, or something on C64. If, on the other hand, all you want are C64 game walkthroughs, then please do take a look at this.

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  1. Classic! I also seem to remember that they werent called cheats back then...were they called 'pokes'?'s all gone misty

  2. Misty-eyed more like it :)
    And yes it was 'peeks & pokes'.
    Cheers & thanks!

  3. Great post! Nice memory trip. thanks

  4. Ahh yes, the humble speccy. I always preferred to RANDOMIZE USR but hey, it's your poke.

    I never like Hero Quest no the speccy though, always preferred Space Crusade.

  5. Hmmm... perhaps you're right, perhaps Space Crusade was better... Oh, and thanks for the comment