Feb 13, 2006

Museum Monday #1

Monday. Things could be worse; it still is Monday though. Avoid open spaces, keep a low profile and act in a Garfield way (not the Richard, the other one) . Even if your Internet connection isn't the best one, try to avoid leaving your place. Visit virtual museums instead. They are interesting, nostalgia provoking, well put together and above all safe (safe if -of course- we exclude cyber-terrorism and malware- oh,and viruses too. At least you can't hurt yourself in a physical way...).

This Monday I propose you either visit the Lucasarts, or the Sierra museum. Make your choice, but for the love of god, do be careful...

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  1. Play Whac-A-Mole for 18 hours straight at the local Chuck E Cheese as well. Thats what my horoscope usually says...

  2. Whack-A-Rat a la Sam & Max is better.

  3. Never played Sam and Max, although the newer one that got cancelled in like 2004 (The Freelance Police I belived it was called) certainly looked interesting.

    As for Whack-A-Rat.... Thats awesome, as it long as it has that 'Cant Touch This' music playing in the background, just like good ol' Whac-A-Mole and the local arcade...