Jan 24, 2006

C64 nostalgia

Remember the legendary C64? Remember the loading problems? The impressive color graphics? Actually I don't, but I am not the disrespectful type. I do know what C64 meant (and means) to a lot of people. And those people (and us of course) are in for a treat.

C64s.com is offering a huge variety of Java emulated C64 games for free. Head over there and take a look at classy classic games like Adventure, Dizzy and Rick Dangerous.

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  1. Oh, I do not know about all this... but congrats on the bronze medal, from another bronze!

  2. Well *I* remember the C64 you young whippersnapper!

    Great find, Gnomie!

  3. Thank you very much oldboy...

    Glad you liked it. I've been wasting my time on this thing for quite some time.