Workers In Progress: Special Edition - Progress Harder

The special edition of a charmingly outdated and handily brief political simulation where each choice you make can have cataclysmic effects. The choice-based text adventure that lets you play as the collective consciousness of the Greek working class.

WIP:SE-PH is playable in English, Spanish, French and Turkish. In the event of successful real-life revolutions more translations will be added.

[Every one of the available endings will lead you to a different book and thus make you a better and smarter person! For free! Huzzah!]

Play online on

Download on IndieGameStand, or Gamejolt


- Choices!
- Words!
- Links!
- Choices represented by linked words!
- 4 Languages (English, French, Spanish, Turkish)!
- More and better words than any other Workers In Progress game ever!
- Accurate prophecies!
- Less accurate prophecies!
- Silly prophecies!
- Aesthetics!
- A single sound effect!
- Runs on almost anything with a browser!


Written and designed by yours truly (usually to be found tweetering over at @gnomeslair).

Visual trickery, CSS designs and technical tinkering by @lectronice.

Translations by @EnsembleVide (French), @fidaner (Turkish) and Pablo  Martínez (Spanish).

Created with Twine, edited and compiled with twee2.

The original Workers In Progress was written for the Fear of Twine exhibition.

Reminder: I could really use your support via Patreon in order to survive long enough to make more indie gaming (and gaming in general) words and, of course, actual games and things. Thanks! 

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