May 1, 2006

April: Gnome's Lair selected works

It had to happen. Following the trend set by January, February and March, April too, had to come to an abrupt and unexpected end. As the mourning commences, let me solemnly remind you of the more interesting and sometimes popular articles and posts that appeared on Gnome's Lair. For the rest fell free to browse through the archives or use the -oh-so-useful- categories feature. The best, on the other hand, are the following:

Mario's complete gameography.

Thy Dungeonman III review and (apparently, full) walkthrough.

The top non-slutty female game characters.

True Dungeon Delight.

A nice Quake 3 mod.

A first look at Bone Act Two: The Great Cow Race.

Free play-by-forum RPGs.

Monopoly evolved: Puttanopoly.

The traditional Warhammer rumors/news post.

80s 8bit home computers: The commercials.

South Park's tribute to Monty Python video.

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