Feb 8, 2006

One month of gnomish rants (and raves and reviews)

Gnome's Lair (the gaming blog-site-thingie you are currently visiting) has been online for one full month, and this seems just like a 42nd post. Since Blogger (gnomeslair's noble hosting company) hasn't been kind enough to implement archive categories yet, and since I haven't managed to properly index (in a stylish and simple way) my posts and articles, I am now providing you with links to the ones I believe are the most interesting. Apparently, they are less than 41...
(you can of course use the monthly archives to access every post on Gnome's Lair)

PC Game reviews of: Namco Museum, Civilization 4, Star Wars Battlefront II, And Then There Were None, Apprentice Deluxe.

Board Game reviews of: Zombies!!! and Class Struggle, along with an article on freeware board games on the Internet.

PC Game mod presentations for Quake and Dungeon Siege.

A vintage review of Dungeons and Dragons along with some RPG inspired artwork and a lovingly handcrafted picture of a gnome.

A review of the new Atari Flashback console and some retro related (and hand-picked) links.

Warhammer rumors (1,2) and a Warhammer related review.

And finally an interview with Ugur of Adventure Lantern fame, a game design-theory related book presentation and a list of favorite blogs and sites...

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