Apr 11, 2006

Play By Forum RPGs are mostly free

Us gamers are a strange, diverse and at times not-only-male bunch. We also have natural tendencies to embrace free stuff. The pen and paper Roleplayers -the archetypical RPGers- and the (unwashed) masses of MMORPGs players, are our brothers and sisters. We apparently love them. Especially gnomes. Mind you, that certain gnomes, even though lacking free time and having an abundance of alcohol, like to spend part of their time on both.

Seems I digress. Quite a bit.

All I want you to know, is that the fine folks over at Adventure Lantern have started organizing (and hosting) very interesting play-by-forum (not yet so massive) multiplayer RPGs. Everyone is invited to join or even start his own game... Of course it's free.

To wet your appetite, I've asked two of the people running games at the Adventure Lantern forums to tell us a bit about them:

Ugur creator and moderator of the Orion Chronicles:
''Orion Chronicles invites you to a free-form role-playing experience on the Adventure Lantern forums. Set in the far future our world, Orion Chronicles depicts a twisted earth decimated by war and pollution. In hopes of creating a new civilization, humanity is expanding across the solar system. The already-established colonies on the moon are home to a unique mix of opportunists and pioneers. Yet on the surface of the moon an ancient force yearns to be awakened. And a journey into the far reaches of space awaits unsuspecting adventurers.''

Paul creator and moderator of Tavernlore:
''Tavernlore, a new era in play-by-email and play-be web gaming is about to begin. Currently in Beta Test, AdventureLantern.com and TavernLore.com have teamed up to host hundreds (if not thousands) of simultaneous players; without the restrictions of standard MMORPG (massively multiplayer RPGs). What if ever monster, and villain in the game were played by a REAL person, with their own motives and sneaky surprises. It proves to be a game to remember!''

. . . . . . . . . . .

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