Mar 1, 2006

a gnome's humble February

Those of you (all three of them) that have been following the evolution of Gnome's Lair must remember my discontent for the lack of categories-support from This has been remedied, and now, thanks to the excellent services of labelr, you can gasp with amazement when looking at my oh-so-gnomish categories. (Ahem... They are on the left... the left sidebar, that is... Well, there is only one left sidebar...Oh, dear...forget it)

Everybody else will be hopefully interested in learning what February's articles were all about (to take a look at January's click here). Well, here are the links to those I consider the more important and/or interesting. For the rest, you can still use the monthly archive or navigate by using the brand new and aforementioned categories.

February on Gnome's Lair. A modest selection:

30 (more-or-less) excellent and hand-picked free games for your downloading pleasure.

Warhammer tactics: 6th edition diverting.

Lots and lots of Warhammer rumors.

A (PC) review of 'Telltale Texas Hold 'Em'.

Features on Warhammer based video games and Call of Cthulhu cross-genre gaming.

Grim Fandango 2 rumors and of course quite a bit on Bone 2 and Telltale.

The start of the Museum Monday serial posts: MM#1, MM#2, MM#3.

A call for Half Life 2 mod beta testers and a nice and rather retro Doom 3 mod.

The not-so-bright future of Atari.

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  1. You might want to kick-off March with this hilarious video...

    By the way, this video is not obscene...just objectionable in some people's minds.

  2. Excellent!

    Thanks y.c.

  3. Thanks for all the the nice comments Gnome. I'm glad you like the images. Hopefully when the weather gets better here I can get out and travel more for some updated shots. Glad you're looking. :-)

    You sure know your stuff about gaming. :-)


  4. Nice job on the blog, Gnome, and lets both keep our blogs alive for years to come...

  5. I'm sure we will ross... sure we will...