Feb 27, 2006

Museum Monday #3

Monday. As always. And as if this weren't enough, I have to write another entry for the (up to now) regular Monday Museum. As usual, I, along with the rest of humanity, feel really-really tired and -to be frank- a tad threatened. In typical Monday (or cosmic horror) fashion. One could also observe my total lack of originality, as well as the Monday related banality.

Still. Another virtual museum is waiting for you. This time it's about the Games Workshop gaming range, which includes dozens of board games and quite a few wargames. Vintage stuff. Try to enjoy yourselves by following this link. It's a rather impressive site.

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  1. Gnome...don't know if you have already seen this...but this British Gamer Blog is quite something...


  2. Thanks a lot my friend....
    Really good stuff there