Mar 8, 2008

Some excellent, free, fetish-free Role Playing Tools

RPG Map ToolThink we all got to thank Trevor, an apparently knowledgeable RPG gamer and a rather generous reader of Gnome's Lair, for pointing me (us) towards the excellent and very freeware RPTools collection, for quite frankly it does feature some of the best RPG tools available. By following the link you'll be able to grab a pretty sophisticated dice-rolling tool, a fantastic online-enabled map tool with its TokenTool add-on and the always handy InitTool, that helps GMs/DMs keep track of initiative orders. Lovely, innit?

Now, should you care for more helpful goblin-managing software, you could also have a look at the PCGen character generator and the aptly named RPG Manager. Lovely indeed.

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  1. Are you sure they're completely fetish free? I think more than a few of us are turned on by tools such as this...

    I mean, excellent find! I'll definitely give this a try.

  2. TokenTool in the RPTools collection looks useful and not only for RPGers only...

  3. 100% fetish free ross, I've been given guaranties you know. Which means that officially there is nobody turned on by such tools.

    Hmmm... guess you're right roys. It could easily come in handy when cooking a ragout.

  4. I have a fetish about the word 'tool'. Therefore this post is entirely fetish laced for me...

    I also have a fetish about the word fetish, so it's a no brainer...I'm completely turned on by this post. In fact it's the first real pr0n we've had in years!

  5. tsk, tsk...

    What a pervert... Hmph!

  6. I love these tools (no, I have no fetish about this word). I don't use them myself, I lack the patience, but I've seen amazing little pieces of software designed by talented people using software like this.

    I feel weird, though, not having any fetishes about the content of this post... :/

    Well, at least Father's comment kind of turned me on a little...

  7. What sick lot of pervs you all are... I'll have you excommunicated I guess...

  8. i really glad to take this game!