Mar 6, 2008

Purple Pawn Tabletop News

Yehuda, the gamer, blogger, tabletop aficionado and board game designer of It's Alive fame, has finally presented us with the latest in tabletop gaming web love: Purple Pawn. Visit it, bookmark it, add it to your feed reader, pet it, read it, hug it and you'll be sure you'll be getting all the tabletop gaming news you've always wanted. Purple Pawn is apparently covering everything from board games and RPGs to wargames and CCGs.

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  1. What the hell is this? Is it like subscribing to a feed?

  2. Subscribed to Purple Dawn's RSS. Anything you recommend can't be half bad, right :P

  3. Nice post. I think this will.. be... Whoa. I was under a rock the last few days. Gary Gygax died? Pardon me for a moment.....

  4. Actually funnyman, it's something like Kotaku, only for tabletop gaming. And, yes, there is a feed.

    A wise choice Roys my friend ;)

    Very sad, isn't it dear blue gnome? Apparently things we consider new are not only growing old but also dying. RIP.

  5. Pawn! Sounds a bit like porn doesn't it? pr0n etc...

    I'm too gassed to say anything else!


  6. No, not here Father.. please? I'll buy you a prawn...