Aug 31, 2007

2 free LotRO Europe buddy keys for 7 lovely Tolkien-esque MMORPG days

As I've already tried to explain in my rambling Lord of the Rings Online review, LotRO is both a Tolkien fan's wet dream and an excellent MMORPG that everyone should try at least once. Something like a gamer's ménage à trois I guess, but apparently I'm about to digress. Anyway, for the curious lot out there who'd rather not spend anything before deciding (a wise choice) I have two free buddy keys for the European servers of LotRO each granting a 7-day trial.

Now, as I'm obviously generous enough to give those two codes (that cost me absolutely nothing) away, you might want to know how you could grab 'em. Easy. The first two lads or lasses that mail me -cunningly using the contact button on the sidebar- will get them. Simple, innit? Oh, and you gotta somehow have the game's files I think.

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  1. I'd love to mail you but I'm currently obsessed with EVE and another MMO right now would just ruin the remainder of my social life :p

  2. And we definitelt wouldn't want that...

  3. I would like to apply to this trial... but Since I changed my work, no more time for MMO :(

  4. I'm a big fan of Tolkien, but I really don't digg MMORPG's. Now, if they make a game like Oblivion, but in Middle-Earth, that would be my wet dream!

  5. Hmmm. Very tempting, btt I'm not in Europe. :)

    On a different topic, have you seen that the reviews for Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics (PSP) have been pretty negative?

  6. (elderly mails letter to Gnome....rubs hands together.....)...

    devilishly simple really ...

    c/o of Gnomes Lair


    maybe i should have sprayed fire retardent on the envelope....

    (sticks hand in mailbox.. gets hand stuck....)

    Gnome.... erm I've f*&ked up again....

  7. The hell with the trial. I'm buying the game.

  8. Nebachadnezzar, believe it or not, LotRO does feel quite a bit like Oblivion in more than one ways...

    Actually yes, dear guttertalk, though definitely not abysmal. To be honest I'm still waiting for a Eurogamer review.

    (cleans Elderly's mess)

    Please old friend, let's stick to email, shall we?

    A wise choice Funnyman.

  9. okay email..... yes well.. right.. erm I know this... email yes.. why of course....

  10. Unless of course you'd rather use a pigeon...

  11. oh no.... (hides behind Gnome....)

  12. Animal Cruelty Inspector9/5/07, 1:51 AM

    hello hello, what have we got here then...?

  13. (hides pigeon in oven)

    Nothing inspector. Tell me, you got a wife? No? Kids?

    Ah, lovely...

    (arms gun)

  14. (closes eyes....prays...)

  15. Animal Cruelty Inspector9/6/07, 5:36 AM

    ...har i say that all the time.. love the look on peoples faces.. no excuse me i left my notebook in the kitchen from my last visit.... i'll just retrieve it....

    ...oh your praying.. i'll come back later...

  16. BANG!


    Elderly, got a stake?

  17. oh jeez.. what have you done!... oh no please tell me you missed him.. and spreading pool of blood is... you shot him didn't you....

    ..stake what do you want.?..?.. he's a vampire!!!!! how did you figure it out...

  18. Animal Cruelty Inspector9/8/07, 2:00 AM


  19. Weeeeell, gnomes know these things and -as an added bonus- are rarely mistaken. Now, stake?

  20. ..a bloody vampire scum... Stake? give me two... nasty varmint... he wont' be coming back again.... here whoudl we move him into the sunlight....

  21. The police might notice...