Sep 3, 2007

Adventure Lantern. Not quite dead yet.

Adventure Lantern, the only adventure gaming video-games PDF magazine currently online and a project I've been writing for for over a year, hasn't had a new issue since ..uh.. last February, which frankly doesn't sound very good. Yes, I know. You're worried sick. Still, there's good news, as the mag hasn't gone the Inventory way, recent time-management/organization problems have apparently been solved and a brand new redesigned issue and -probably- a shiny new website are on their way. Watch this space for more info.

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  1. (phones psychotherapist...)
    yes i want to cancel next week's appointment, the Lantern is back...

    (stares at tiny space...)

  2. Actually I meant *this* space. Not that tiny. Oh and tell the psychotherapist to have some cookies ready...

  3. This is really good news !!! :)

  4. My thoughts exactly :) Stay tuned, or, err, logged?

  5. he's with a psychopath at present, i'll phone him later..

    (refocuses on much bigger space...)

    thanks Gnome much easier on the eyes

  6. ::)... double vision.. lol.. double.. vis.. sorry.. ahem just needed to get that off my chest..