Aug 7, 2007

FlightGear Freeware Flight Simulator

You always thought that MS Flight Simulator was the best and most realistic flight-sim for the PC, didn't you? Well, frankly, so did I, untill FlightGear showed up in all its freeware, open-source, multiformat, feature-laden glory and wowed everyone (including granny).

FlightGear, you see, besides letting you fly anything from the 1903 Wright pioneering flying thingy to a 747 or a modern fighter, features over 20,000 airports, an extremely accurate sky, 3 flight models, 3 DVDs worth of world scenery, multiplayer capabilities and anything else its impressive community can come up with.

The game runs on almost any modestly contemporary PC with Windows, Linux, Solaris, IRIX, FreeBSD or even Mac OS. Find out more and of course download it over at the official FlightGear site.

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  1. I can't focus on all these gauges... Whats this button do..?

    AAAAaaaaagghhhhhh ... DEITRIX ejects out of the cockpit and is never seen again....

  2. I've played the game some, but there isn't really much to do. (I think other flight simulators have missions?)

  3. Looking back at it, I think I will try it again. Somehow my earlier install got corrupted so I have to d/l it again.

  4. For being a completely free, open-source product, FlightGear really is an amazing achievement in simulation.

  5. (thankfully gnome's ueber-powerful magick powers save Deitrix from certain gruesome death and trasnport him to a lovely submarine/harem without eject buttons)

    Well, ithmeer, I see what you mean.. It's quite a sandbox type of game but definitely a well crafted one. Besides I think there might be some missions available.

    Possum!!! Nice to see you around again mate! And you definitely are the specialist on these matters...

  6. (opens window, shouts out into the street....)

    Gnomes Back, games are free again....

    (shuts window on finger.......)

    no harm in a little publi.....


  7. Oh my! Wait. Here. Drink this. It'll take the pain away till I bring the needles.

  8. tasty... the pain in my finger is subsiding already, oh what are the needles for....? (

    drinks some more...)

    why is the room spining?


  9. The neddles... nothing really.. ancient chinese medical practise. You'll feel great...

    Oh, I see you've already thuded. Pity.

  10. (unconsciously shrugs shoulders....)

  11. (puts silly hat on Elderly's unmoving head)

  12. (shrugs head....)

    Narrator: not a easy feat.. takes years of practice to remain unconscious and shrug ones head...

    ... just clarifying this point, sorry for the interruption...

  13. (shoots narrator)

    Enough already.