Dec 18, 2006

The Last Starfighter. The Video Game.

My calculations tell me that 22 (almost 23 now) years have passed since 1984. I'm definitely shocked. And feeling old. Without a cat also. Then again, people still remember The Last Starfighter (IMDb entry, Wikipedia entry), a movie that had deeply impressed my apparently impressionable kid's psyche back in 1984. A movie featuring an amazing arcade game, that was in reality a cunningly disguised recruitment tool for intergalactic fighter pilots.

Said arcade game has also been arcade gamers' (them with a less than average capacity for realistic thought) Holy Grail of sorts. Good news is some rather interesting people are trying to recreate the movie's cabinet, while also making it a working one. Better news is that the same rather interesting and also rather talented people have already created a fully working Starfighter game. And released it for free. HERE. Bad news is it still is a Monday.

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  1. ..the name rings a bell, but the brain muscle won't relinquish the memory... damned if i can remember this...... 1984... damn dont' tell me i skipped a year (starts counting on fingers......) elusive link though, however you find these is beyond comprehension......

  2. Roll that beautiful retro footage :D

  3. You see, mr. Elderly, such things simply get bookmarked and then retrieved at a later date... Problem is finding the appropriate bookmark. Other than that its a fairly simple process involving 3 goats, a warp gate and a spoon.

    Why, I will GamerC. Need some pop-corn? Oh, and what do you mean by retro?

  4. funny you mention this movie. i was thinking of it just the other day as something that my son who's now seven might enjoy.

    i'm pretty sure it won't hold up as well as I remember it, because I thoroughly enjoyed it when it came out. heck i even rented a VCR and the movie to watch it again. :)

  5. I;m prety sure your son will enjoy it my friend... Trouble is he'll be shocked by the arcades' horrid graphics ;)

    You on the other hand will probably cry tears of nostalgia....

  6. ...bookmarks huh! goats a warp gate
    and a spoon..... the goats are injured in any way i hope?

  7. Of course. They usually end up in an oven...

  8. ...quite excellent.... after we extract the cheese of course, some black ovlives a drizzle of olive oil and


    some tequila....

  9. AH!


    (gnome claps)


    Now, if only we could loose the olives and keep the cheese... Ah yes. Bliss.

  10. (throws the olives over his shoulder....piles more cheese on Gnomes pizza slices......)

  11. Mmmm..hmmc..chomp

    Can we have some more parmezana?

  12. I have acctualy just completed an article about the arcade game that never was released from Atari. Ive also got a video from the game befour atari dumped it. I have posted the movie and the article on my homepage.

    article in english:


  13. Wow! Absolutely fantastic links! Thanks a ton dearest Anonymous...