Dec 19, 2006


Were I Shaah Newton Lovegrove, a not-so-brave lordling in a steampunk universe, bearing a name created by an interesting name generator (courtesy of Brass Goggles), I wouldn't dream of not using this computing marvel (currently showcased here):

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  1. Nonsense it 'tis not, my good Gnome. You'll know what I mean when you're an older, wiser Gnome.... not that your not wise now...

  2. When will that be oh Ross? I'm tired of waiting for (enhanced, more, etc) wisdom to come visit...

  3. The film Brazil had computers quite like that (which I really recommend, if a bit confusing).

    Quick suck-up here. I played a Gnome in um, well, you know what. Brownie points? :-)

    World of Warcraft will be the bane of us all!

  4. Tom! You're alive! And a closet gnome! Great, great...

    As for Brasil, it's easily one of the best films ever to grace this puny planet! You should definitely see the 90 minutes long making of...

    Terry Gilliam. What a star huh?

  5. Major Mordecai Parson here, and a more beautiful Raptop computer i have never seen

  6. Ah, Major! There you are!

    Have a sit, then, WE have things to discuss. Coal-related mostly...

  7. indeed indeed, quite.... yes indeed.... coal... ha yes i remember in my day.....

    50 minutes later

    .... found him in the coal bunker, chopped in nugget sized pieces......