Dec 18, 2006

Museum Monday #40

Monday. Or should I say the revenge of the mutant spinach-pie? You see, dear readers, yesterday's tequila(s), was served in a trendy little bar with excellent music (ranging from The Tiger Lillies to Einstuerzende Neubauten) and was accompanied by little (admittedly delicious looking) spinach-pies. It seemed like a fine idea at the time. Food poisoning on the other hand, wasn't mentioned.

Anyway. No Museum for this Museum Monday. Only a Game Sprite Archive, thus an ..uhm... archive mainly for retro 2d gaming sprites. Mostly at least, as backgrounds, sprite animations, maps, game music and even box-scans are also featured. Covered platforms include the 3DO, the Neo Geo dream machine, the Genesis and all of Nintendo's consoles, the Playstation, the Atari 2600 and the PC. Worth a visit, really.

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  1. Ah thankyou Gnome, I now have two lovely animated sprites from Marvel vs. Capcom grooving away on my desktop!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    That's lovely. Cute too.


  3. ah this well i remember the sprite collision detector routine in basic on the c64.... nope gone again......

  4. Yes! I love sprites! How did you know that master Gnome?

  5. Damn. Better try these fantstic new pills Elderly. I even remembered AI coding I never knew...

    Think I was looking for NeoGeo stuff when I found this Gamer C... Sheer luck really...

  6. (munchs pills.....which taste remarkably like tic tacs..)


    int collided(SPRITE *a, SPRITE *b)
    int wa = a->x + a->width;
    int ha = a->y + a->height;
    int wb = b->x + b->width;
    int hb = b->y + b->height;
    int bx = 5;
    int by = 5;

    if(inside(a->x, a->y, b->x+bx, b->y+by, wb-bx, hb-by) ||
    inside(a->x, ha, b->x+bx, b->y+by, wb-bx, hb-by) ||

    any more pills left?

  7. Amazing! Bravo! Impressive! Wow!

    (gnome furiously claps and whistles overjoyed)

    A job is waiting for you in Valve oh master of the code.

    (feeds elderly pills)

  8. ...damn i just remembered i shoudln't be here... apparently I popped out of the spaceship for a pee, left the bloody autopilot on.... must phone home.... excuse me......

  9. Well... but... uhm you didn't really visit the tilet, did you?

  10. got this tubular designed spacesuit.... no need for a WC......

    ( a trail of liquid follows elderly as he heads towards Gnomes phone....)

  11. Blasted tubes!

    Don't worry Elderly... No need to feel bad really.. It's a lovely suite you know...

    And you have to know... it's not personal. Really not.

    Care to close your eyes dear?