Jun 1, 2006

May is definitely over

...and these are the posts and articles that appeared @ Gnome's Lair, that are actually worth of entering this list. Quite tautological that, but nobody is paying attention. Anyway, here's the lot:

The first video game ever. OXO.

Oh no! A new list of hand-picked free games, featuring 60 more.

Two casual game reviews. The first and the ..er.. second.

HOMM 5 fun ;)

Kaptain Brawe, the new beautiful 2d adventure.

Space Quest IV: The walkthrough.

Oh, yes. And a Bone 2 easter egg.

Board game review of Zombies!!! 2.

Rather interesting (famous) board game variants.

The latest Warhammer rumors and a review of White Dwarf 317.

A mostly Lemmings themed feature (with a bit of Lynx in it).

Sam and Max Freelance Police the E3 trailer.

A nice Nintendo themed little video.

Video game artwork. A brief glimpse.

Quake paper monsters. Indeed.

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  1. And what a month it was.
    (applause rises to a crescendo from the elderly's household)

  2. I dont even have to do any searching- great post. I can now get up to date!

  3. So, guess I should keep doing those monthly round-ups.

  4. For newcomers there a treasure trove, for regular house guests there a chance to compare our favourites (i notice for example the free game motherload didn't feature in your list , but it was a highlight)

    Budem zdorovy


  5. Dear mr. Elderly, put the Vodka down... Please. You've had enough. Let's move on to the tea...

  6. gruihigahii....

    What a great month it was indeed...

    Good job, Gnome.

  7. Thanks ross. A great month indeed (as long as Mondays don't enter into it)