Feb 25, 2011

You Shall Know The Truth

Jonas Kyratzes, the indie game virtuoso that has already given us (that's me and you reader, just me and you) such unique gems as Phenomenon 32 and has laid the foundation for the Wikileaks Stories project, has finally released You Shall Know The Truth. It's the second Wikileaks Stories game released so far, it's obviously 100% freeware with no added preservatives, it's amazingly yet wisely built around the hidden-object mechanic, and impressively does so much more than you'd expect it to.

This dear reader is a truly artful game; a shockingly proper thing of beauty. If it were of a more physical persuasion I'd put it on a pedestal somewhere publicly for everyone to enjoy. It effortlessly combines writing, sound, visuals and gameplay into a unique whole that no other medium could ever accomplish, especially while simultaneously playing with its constrains.

The problem though is, I really shouldn't say too much and spoil things for you, and that's why I'll just stop here. Better to let you experience the elation of discovering this -most political- game's beauty yourself. I'll give you just one hint: don't forget to try and exit the apartment. Oh, oh, and do explore You Shall Know The Truth for only thus will you be able to actually know its truth. Uhm, right... Here's that link again.

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  1. I had an idea for a simple adventure Wikileaks game (point'n'click or jRPG style), but unfortunately am lacking both of time and skill to build something reasonable upon it.

    Wlll try this one, though.

  2. Please do. It's a wonderful, wonderful game dear Barts. Oh, and I would suggest giving that adventure a go. It would be worth it, despite the unavoidable frustrations.

  3. An excellent game. I had not seen any of those document excerpts before. The text when searching useless places was amusing. I look forward to playing more of these games.

  4. So glad you liked it Ithmeer. You also just proved that games can be brilliant for publicizing Wikileaks stories. Oh, and I do look forward to such offerings myself.

  5. This game is awesome, love it :)

  6. And this makes me really happy Nuxly. I absolutely loved it myself. Very impressive stuff.