Feb 24, 2011

Gemini Rue Out on the Streets

Does this post's title read a bit tabloid-y? Do you feel that on-time gaming news coverage is evolving into some sort of Gnome's Lair fetish?  Well, worry no more gentle reader, for this blog only covers the news it sincerely cares about, and that's why I thought I really should let you know that indie, retro-styled, point-and-click adventure Gemini Rue by Joshua Nuernberger and Wadjet Eye Games has finally been released. And, yes, it's as brilliant an indie adventure as you would expect it to be, sporting some amazing visuals, a neo-noir plot and more than a few subtle innovations. Grab it now via the always cozy Wadjet Eye site.

Now, in case you are wondering about how I can be so sure Gemini Rue is a great game, I have to let you in on a small secret: I've already played the review copy to death and absolutely loved it; also expect a review to appear within the next couple of days. Till then and should you still feel undecided, why not give the Gemini Rue demo a try? Oh, and do give my previous Gemini Rue post a quick read too.

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  1. C'mon man,
    you get a review copy and you don't have a review ready for release day?


  2. Slack.

  3. @ Y: Sorry man, but the day only has so many hours and I always do -and will keep on doing so- post reviews, only when I think they are ready. You'll have to be more patient!

    @ CaptainD: You sneaky captain, you... :)