Jun 7, 2007

The Meteor Busters free shmup (not smurf)

The Wii might have a Virtual Console playing beloved and merrily overpriced retro classics, but now the web has gone all antagonistic to Nintendo's blatant commercialism and created its very own, very literal, very free & indy virtual console thingy, that plays virtual custom cartridges: PixelBoy. It looks like a handheld, behaves like a Java machine, changes colour with a simple click and, should you feel like giving it a try, is available right here.

As for Meteor Busters (a.k.a. Escape the Planet - Meteor Busters v.2.0), the only PixelBoy game available right now, and thus a rather obvious choice, it's a fantastic old-school Raiden-esque shmup with some brilliant monochromatic pixel art. The game of course is freeware and even provides gamers with a storyline, albeit one about a Galactic Confederation and some notoriously huge meteorites. Play it using the arrow keys, the space bar and your reflexes (ho ho; what a hilarious little bastard I am... tsk).

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  1. how do they do that... incredible (gets screwdriver to dismantle handheld... punctures plasma scr...........

  2. Nice! but plays a bit wonky on my Opera browser :( At least I still have the Urban Legends demo for this weekend

  3. (orders a brand new holographic screen for Elderly)

    Actually, it's magic. There's a little game playing demon inside the PixelBoy jpg, E.

    Hmmm, don't use Opera myself Munkey, but it does do great on Firefox... Ah, ues, hope you'll enjoy UL.. I did...

  4. hhhmmm... my keys dont work with this game for some reason...

    oh well back to killing zombies in the Last Stand... !!

    Oh' and I need a new laptop sent over too Gnome! -Thanks

  5. (checks Deitrix's keys)

    Hmmm... better send you that laptop though.. Oh, and the Last Stand is quite an addictive little strategy shooting thingy, aint it?

  6. (mesmerised by holographic screen for over 15 hours, elderly speaks)

    this is amazing.. Gnome your generosity knows no bounds... it's breathtaking... after all these years.. just look at it.. the colours... stunning...

    ...can i turn it on now?

  7. But of course. It's all your for turning on and off at leisure!

  8. I actually played this thing about a year ago... it's very dissapointing to see that there is still only one game created for it.

  9. I wouldn't use the word dissapointing, but as I first bookmarked the site omore than 6 months ago, I can definitely see your point... Still, games do take time and going freeware is sometimes too much of a commitment...

  10. Well, I mean that it's such a fantastic concept and the first game was great, that it's dissapointing it never really went anywhere else. I was really looking forward to more games. Maybe the creator should allow homebrew games... as impossible as it probably would be.

  11. Well I finally got all my work off the destroyed laptop and on to my desktop... Now I can continue on in my digital world of paint... and Elderlys digital babes..!

    Yes Gnome, I was quite amazed with the Last Stand game. I wasn't expecting so much in the shooter myself!

  12. Can't say I disagree with you Cycle... More PixelBoy "cartridges" would be *very* welcome.

    Must have been quite a shock, Deitrix. A destroyed laptop is quite a tragedy...