Apr 20, 2007

A couple of cruelly counter-productive free games

Never mind the Brain Age, Brain Training bollocks, Here's the S3QUENCER (developed by the Red Bull himself), and it will train your Internet dependent memory like a dominatrix would train a ...uhm... puppy, I guess. Actually, describing S3quenc3r as a freeware, browser-based and amazingly addictive memory game slightly reminiscent of Simon, would definitely be more accurate.

Onslaught, on the other hand, is the Tower Defense variant I ended up wasting my time (or whatever was left of it after some Sequ3nc3r time shredding) on. It's rather brilliant, offers quite a few strategic options and can be freely accessed by following this link.

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  1. ....love to but im up to my elbows in 3d models.... (elderly fondly remembers his younger days, when being bored took up the major part of the day....)

  2. Ah, Art! Always the absolute mistress... I salute your new found passion Mr. Elderly.

  3. Hey, Gnome, do you by any chance listen to the Sex Pistols? 'Never Mind the Bollocks...' is on my list of albums to buy before I die.

  4. No, Deitrix, you're Batman.

    Oh, and Ross, I do enjoy the Sex Pistols, even though much less than the betterpunk groups. The Clash anyone?

  5. I love the Pistols and The Clash and have had the pleasure of seeing both live!


  6. (digs out Clash t-shirt, returns)

    what they're dead!.. when did that happen

  7. Oh, and Father, as people are still fond of writing on walls Punk's not Dead. The Clash live... yes, that would have been excellent.

    Joey Strummer died a couple of years ago. Sad, innit Mr. Elderly? I mean he was such a fantastic musician...