Jun 5, 2007

Decker's Delight Links (5.Jun.07)

Gnomes know they can always rely on Deckers to help 'em out with a blog when things get tough (and hectic as hell). Then again, why should you care? Better ignore this intro bit altogether and jump straight to some of the more interesting and eclectic gaming ...uh... stuff the Internet has recently spawned. The rest of the best will soon follow.

The Free Geek, being free, a geek and apparently quite fond of freeware games has compiled a Top 10 list featuring 10 free online games. Definitely worth a look, especially if you feel the very kitsch very addictive SpaceCowboy can be your thing.

Malinche Entertainment, the only contemporary (I think; please, feel free to correct me) developer of commercial interactive fiction / text adventure games, has gone all retro and created a brilliant Zork tribute page, properly celebrating 30 years of Zork. There's also a chance you might get your very own Zork t-shirt...

Old fashioned adventures might also appreciate an impressive feature by Destructoid regarding the beautiful but obscure Neverhood. The only game that will ever dare compete with the visuals of Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas.

Old fashioned pirates, on the other hand, will definitely enjoy the Escapist's refreshing look at software piracy by reading the aptly titled Playground Piracy and the Schoolyard of Crime. Oh, and kids, remember: corporations are killing art way faster than piracy.

As for Game Set Watch, well, it's got another quirky retro post and a brand new column for your reading pleasure: Rampage's Original Stylings. Obviously about the multi-format classic Rampage.

Now, to my newest obsession... The utterly brilliant Richard Cobbett Journal, a hallowed place of rare Internet quality and excellent prose, that just came up with Cirque du Strange. A loving tribute to the strangest, weirdest, or just plain wrong-est moments in PC gaming.

Equally eloquent, The Luddite, is the Last Guy in the World to See Star Wars. Yes, 30 years too late. Apparently he wasn't exactly thrilled and I'm pretty sure he's not convinced of the aesthetics of croissant-styled hair.

Finally, the NSFW bit, provided of course you work at a church or a kindergarten: Eurogamer's naughty and self-explanatory Bluffer's Guide to Hentai Games.

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  1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the Cirque ;-)

  2. Thanks for compiling it Richard. Would have never known why Mr. Galloway looked so rough...

  3. An interesting little deconstruction of the sole employee of Malinche over here.

    Keep reading into the comments, it's fun!

  4. Brilliant fun! Thanks a ton Vince... Wouldn't have guessed....

  5. I think I'll avoid the last one.

  6. Great links list Gnome thanks for the plug!

  7. thank you mr.Gnome much appreciated..... you beautiful gazelle like blog linking being you.....

  8. Why ross?

    Thank you & welcome Father :)

    Being called a gazelle is also highly appreciated Mr. Elderly. Let me slip into something more comfortable then....

  9. ..no problems i'll get the hay.... or should that be safari grass.... i've never entertained gazelle like creatures before.....

  10. Weat and savanna vegetation would do just fine... Oh, I don't have stripes, do I?

  11. I need a handheld with all these free games loaded on it...

    Even better if it came with a usb cable for instant downloading as soon as Gnome finds them...

    It would probably be the best handheld to date!!

  12. An excellent idea... We could call said handheld Woodland and I'd market it wearing a trench coat and holding huge USB guns! Sure fire hit. Deitrix, are you ok with 45%?

  13. ..stripes.... erm... i'll check....


    ....according to wikipedia you dont' have stripes... but you are prone to headlice.....

    ..for every silver lining there is a dark cloud...

  14. Prone to headlice? Damn!

    Surely not an arctic beast then...

  15. 45% sounds great! Just don't point your Woodland in my direction mate!

    You watch some company will come out with some usb game/movie/pron/great ideas from bloggers ripping hand held in the next few months...!!!

    Bastards anyway!

  16. Well said Deitrix, well said. Oh, and I'm glad you're fine with 45%...

  17. Malinche site tribute page is 404, you can check some other info on Zork page on squakenet