Jun 3, 2007

Introducing the SEGA Master System Junkyard

Tomleece the Ancient created the Dreamcast Junkyard back when the Internet was a SEGA-less chaos, Father Krishna the Red then offered mankind the Saturn Junkyard, Caleb the Learned is already collecting the ingredients needed to conjure a Sega CD Junkyard, and now me (a gnome) and Father Krishna (a father and a Krishna) have come up with the astonishingly original concept of the SEGA Master System Junkyard. Covering the Master System, apparently. No, not the MegaDrive, no.

Actually, expect it to be a semi-regularly updated & upgraded blog that will be fiddling with SEGA's almost successful 8-bit wonder of a console in every way imaginable. We'll have retro-reviews, emulation tips, buying guides, top 10 explicit uses of SMS as a sex toy, incoherent rants and ...uhm... Phantasy Star stuff. Visit the SMS Junkyard, or -better yet- join its crew.

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  1. Another blog I'll regular. Thanks for the heads up, Gnome.

  2. bloody brilliant.... (puts on his retro sneakers.....) heading over there now... congratulations.....

  3. What a glorious annunciation!

  4. Well...

    I had a bit of a problem with explicit use #8...

    Now I have to find a discreet doctor...quickly...

  5. You'll control the entire Internet one day, won't you Gnome? ;-)

  6. How many junkyard's does one need!! *lol*

  7. Thanks ross! Be sure to bring a couple of beers too...

    Lovely retro sneakers there Mr. Elderly. Congratulations yourself!

    Father... uhm... ;)

    Caleb, just find a Shaman. They 're great with console inflicted injuries...

    I'm trying tom, I'm trying, and when I finally manage it, I'll turn it into an even bigger porn stash...

    J, actually two more mate :) One for the MegaDrive/Genesis and one for the (dreaded) 32X.

  8. there was no one there when i called over... so i let myself in.. your automated welcoming system is state of the art..... but i've a little problem

    (shows Gnome his newly acquired Sega master system tattoo....neatly positioned on his forehead)

    ..it dosen't wash off....

  9. We could always remove it the other way. Hold still. It might hurt a bit... Yet, such a lovely tatoo...

  10. ...well if it's that nice.. maybe i'll hang onto it for a day or two.. it is quite a tasteful logo and all..... yep i'll come back later.....

  11. Don't go! I can also do your teeth... I'm multi-talented, I am!

  12. Another link I will have to sketch up... I will add it to the list!

  13. Thank you oh Deitrix!

  14. ..teeth.. okay.. in for a penny in for a pound... I'll get them..

    (elderly heads off to retrieve his teeth from his beside locker....)

  15. Right.



    Let me see then...