Feb 5, 2007

Museum Monday #45

Monday. Museum Monday, to be precise, and I'll try to avoid my traditional zombie-like moaning of the day. I'll just point you to a brilliant Apple Mac Collection that's being showcased right here, and is being kept safe in an impressive underground bunker (well, basement). The collection, a Vintage Computing and Gaming discovery, features dozens of Classic II Macs, quite a few iMacs, a Mac-bar without drinks and the beautiful but rare Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh. What's more, the collection/museum owner has already been interviewed here.

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  1. wow vintage gaming looks fashionable......

    (holds up paint covered sleeve....)

    you could have warned me....

  2. Well, apparently, someone stole the wet-paint sign. Sorry Mr. Elderly, I'll have him shot!

  3. OOOHHH!!! I love what you've done with the place Gnome!
    Looks great!!!

    (*sigh* Father Krishna looks back at his crap looking place and covets Elderly and Gnomes ITC skills)

    Anyway this is a great MM Gnome the pics are fab! Apple holds a special place in my heart as it was the first computer I ever got my hands on (circa '79-80?)

    I remember playing 'Lemonade Stand', a 'Lemonade Stand' sim where you had to erm... run a lemonade stand, ordering lemons, sugar, taking into account the weather, your profits, how well much cash you had etc. Thank fuck computer games developed!

    I also remember playing text adventure games with lines like..."You see a small goblet on the table... Should you drink from it? Y/N"

    Great post!!!

  4. A lemonade stand Sim in which a lemonade stand had to be run? Apple gaming? Retro Mac?

    Ahhh, a great comment FK.

    Oh, and the Segata Game post was bloody amazing! The internet thanks you...

    BTW, do have a look here (it's a link Dr. mr. Elderly found):


  5. Wow! I want to live in that guys basement. But I would spill things... Break things, move stuff and probabaly do his head in...

    It looks like a scene from '2001 A Space Oddyssey' but how fucking anally retentive must he be?

    My house looks like a scene from 'Malcolm In The Middle/Appocalypse Now'... He needs a big party to crash his place and trash it!

    Can you tell when I've fallen off the wagon? I get destructive...

    Its been over a month since I had a smoke and God... Tonight I feel like one more than ever...

  6. Relax poor dear... relax.. Smoke... Drink... Breath deeply... Deeeeeeeply...

    Feeling better?


    (calls someplace)

  7. ...what i found something useful? nah couldn't have been me (looksaround....) nah (pointing to himself) me?

    ...well should I drink from the Goblet or not?


    ....oh oh!

  8. Uhm, which goblet would that be?

  9. The Goblet in the text adventure on the Apple thirty odd years ago... Come on Gnome keep up...

  10. Oh, right, yes, indeed. Have been rather tired recently... Sorry...

  11. ....hmmm tired.... and only just lately.... hmmm

    (takes out stetoscope....hold metally bit to gnomes chest...)

    ..okay breath deeply.... .goood! now exhale........

  12. clever Richard2/9/07, 3:10 AM

    you pelt stethoscope incorrectly... hic!

  13. *cough*


    Is it AIDS?

  14. (listens to the irregular beating, a faint wheezz ......)

    ..it's not good.....

    (takes out wooden spatula.....)

    open wide

    (places spatula on Gnomes tongue.... looks inside ..)

    oh dear!!

  15. What, again? Not another alien baby, is it?

    Oh dear, these things never stop spawning...

  16. ...what you've been pregnant before? well it would explain the double heart beat and the tiny hand inside your mouth.....

    yep alien pregnancy, father is doing fine....

    wish you'd a told me.... I was worried... now sit down too much exercise is bad for a pregnancy...

  17. Uhm, right, but what if it consumes us later on? it could be nasty you know...

  18. ..gnome your hormones are all over the place at a time like this, look it'll be really small when it bursts through your stomach, tiny things are not dangerous.... their cuddly.... think cuddly... it's important you bond with the alien.. otherwise we'd have an orphan alien and nobody wants to see that...

    no things will be fine... you'll see

  19. It doesn't come out of the belly, it's the lungs Elderly... The fecking lungs...