Feb 6, 2007

The Strategies of Risk

Risk (BGG entry), according to sources that prefer to call themselves voices and are not to be taken seriously, is one of the most successful, imitated and thus influential board games ever devised. It also is a particularly enjoyable game, that comes in a variety of flavours ranging from Star Wars to Lord Of The Rings to Classic, with the added bonus of being less prone to shatter friendships than Diplomacy. Also, also, Risk has the dubious honour of being the first truly mainstream wargame.

With wargaming, though, come tactics and strategies. Strategy guides too. Some of the best can apparently be found over at the rather specialized RISK, Strategies Explained... website. It even has a basic beginners guide. An advanced one too, obviously. Try them out in battle (for free), over at netRisk or by downloading the very Risk-esque Dominate Game.

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  1. I'm sure I remember Risk being advertised as a family board game...

    I am imagining things?

  2. Constantly, but not this time I'm afraid FK, as Risk was indeed mainstream. Just like Monopoly really...

  3. where the hell have i been, a online gaming community for Risk players.. holy dang diggity ricket!!!

  4. Go conquer them all Mr. Elderly... Groarrr!

    (don't forget to be as sneaky as the pretty sneaky thing)

  5. (puts on sneaking shoes, ties laces.... sneaks up behind gnome...)


  6. shit!.... (prods the motionless Gnome.....)

    oh shit!

    (elderly grabs Gnome and drags gnome to the kitchen... places a plastic bag of ice down the back of Gnomes shirt and waves an open of tequila under the hapless creatures nose....)

    gnome speak to me, Gnome snap out of it, Gnome .....

  7. phew! that was close... (checks score card.....)

    elderly two life saves
    Gnome 15 life saves.

    i got some catching up to do....

  8. OK. I'll help you out, then!

    (gnome swallows spoon)

  9. ...no .. wait... damn.....
    (jumps on gnome uses magnet to retrieve the wooden spoon.......)

    erm... damn this isn't working...... wait....

    (gets chainsaw.....)

    right open wide....

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  11. Thanks for the tip anonymous. That's an excellent puzzler you got there. Good luck!

  12. played a bit on that netrisk server. must say it was fun

  13. Quite a bit. Still play the odd game myself...