Jan 29, 2007

Museum Monday #44

Monday. And besides feeling slightly tired and quite a bit sleepy too, nothing abominable has intruded my private space, which -frankly- is quite a happy change. Oh, and this Monday's Museum Monday is one I've enjoyed quite a bit, as it's none other than the excellent TSR Archive.

The TSR Archive sports a rather huge database of Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, D&D 3rd edition, Alternity and other TSR books and products, all of them properly indexed, described and showing off their lovingly scanned covers. By the way, did anyone know of Alternity Starcraft edition? Oh, and of course every DnD setting is covered, starting from the 1st edition of the Forgotten Realms to the spanking new Eberron.

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  1. (eager to show off he's newly acquired communication skills training....._

    .."rather huge" is too small a pair of words to describe it, Gi an normous springs to mind....

  2. Ah my Gnomic friend! You do like your board playing RPGs don't you?
    And this one has computer interaction too... Good stuff.

    Now as you'll know I'm not one too shy away from a bit of plagiarism (or blatant theft for that matter...)

    How would uou feel about a new feature on the SJY? I was thinking of calling it 'Master System Mondays' (Sound familiar?)

    It would be a chance to review my Master System software, although I am aware that you already do a sterling job of finding us Retro Goodies on that particularly grim day of the week...

    I await your approval/contempt with anticipation and shall act accordingly...

  3. Enormous like a turnip I'd say (and baffle at least two lurkers). Glad to see you're workig on your already impressive communication skills Mr Elderly!

    Dear, wise and most perceptive Father, I must admit I'm rather fond of them pen & paper RPGs. Must also admit I'm happy youre happy with this Monday's happy MM.

    Why, Master System Monday, is a bloody fantastic idea. Brilliant. Go on, please. Aproval granted (uhm... obviously) and first post eagerly expected...

    BTW, you really are a SEGA junkie, aren't you? Have you got the first Phantasy Star too?

  4. mlYep! Just never played it...You have to register the game online via the DC... Only ever had it online once as an experiment... *shudder*

    Thank's for allowing plagiarism... I'll do you proud guvnor...

  5. I know you will m'lord... Oh, and how about Phantasy Star I on the Master System ? ;)

  6. Seamus the Leprechaun1/31/07, 3:40 AM

    speaking of eroge games


  7. ...Seamus, Phantasy Star isn't an eroge game.....

    sorry Gnome, i shoulda put him under house arrest....

  8. No! Please, Elderly, please...let him be free and roam the net... let him spread links like the a spreader spreads ...uhm... stuff.

  9. ..i dunno, he has a propensity to realy feck things up....

    but perhaps im being too harsh on him.... okay gnome i'll take your advise

  10. Seamus the Leprechaun2/3/07, 2:19 AM

    ..thanks gnome i owe you one.... (hands gnome a brown envelope.....)

  11. Dont mention it Seamus... That's what closely related species are for...

    Oh, here's your change.

    (hands Seamus small blue envelope)

  12. Seamus the Leprechaun2/4/07, 12:26 AM

    nah gnomsey you keep it.... your chat with elderly has made things alot easier over here.

  13. But I insist!

    (Shoves small blue envelope all the way into Seamus' stomach)

  14. UGH! hmmfph...!

    well if you insist

  15. Seamus the Leprechaun2/6/07, 4:40 AM

    (readjusts mask...) ooops!