Jan 28, 2007

Decker's Delight Links (28.Jan.07)

Gnomes just love picking flowers, hand-picking free games and displaying links in intricate hand-painted vases. Deckers on the other hand are simply fictional glorified hackers. What follows is (surprisingly) a collection of gaming links.

Just Adventure +, the classic adventure gaming mega-site that narrowly escaped server death, posted a smart How to Get Unstuck in an Adventure Game article.

The History of Computer Role-Playing Games (via the brilliant Vintage Gamer blog) should help get game historians off the streets and drooling over Akalabeth and Ultima.

More history lessons are provided by the Wikipedian History of the board game Monopoly, which is brilliantly accompanied by Red Bull's Panoply of "Opolies".

Oh, and Ghacks eloquently adds to the historical discourse by linking to the Top 10 free retro games for your PC, which thankfully include such gems as Barbarian, Alien Breed and Marble Madness.

Greg Costikyan, on the other hand, published the amazing I have no words & I must design article, in order to teach the masses the differences between games and toys and to preach ludology to FPS heretics.

Racketboy -the retro blogging boy- wonders How SEGA All But Ruined Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Elderly Gamer, having just hired a leprechaun, started investigating the sinister God of War Threesome. Results have not been publicized yet.

Contra Gears mentioned both the Amiga CD32 and Amstrad's GX4000 in the aptly but shockingly named post The Game Sytems that Flopped.

J -using his impressive Wii abilities- reviewed Legend of Zelda: Windwaker for the Gamecube (and apparently Wii).

Bits, Bytes, Pixels, Sprites unearthed a game called Communist Mutants from Space. A gnome discovered this.

As for me, your humblest of gnomish servants, well, I've been doing Retro Mags and text-adventures over at Siliconera, and Sam and Max at Independent Gaming. Oh, yes, and a Game Boy Color feature too.

Others (Saturn obsessed Krishnas mainly) have been going mad over Segata Sanshiro.

And now for something quite similar. Quick links:

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  1. Who needs teachers and education when you've got Gnome?

  2. Uhm...everyone unfortunately. Damn!

  3. Seamus the Leprechaun1/29/07, 3:16 AM

    your a pal... that links just got me an invitation to the mayorial summer fete... naked leprechauns and summer wine... may the road rise to meet ya alannah....

  4. The picture in the heading of this post is on the Righteous Pigs album Stress Related. If you're a grindcore fan, you'd know these guys. Mitch Harris from RP went on to become Napalm Death's guitarist.

  5. Enjoy the mayor Seamus, heard she's throwing wonderfully pythnesque parties...

    Oh, and Jason, thanks for the tip.

  6. Seamus the Leprechaun1/30/07, 3:02 AM

    Pythonesque... bejasus thats a word to bring to dinner..... what did you get an invitation as well?

  7. No no, just used to tape the whole thing years ago... Ah, the days, especially remember selling the kinkier bits through the net...

  8. Seamus the Leprechaun1/31/07, 3:43 AM

    ...(checks wallet....) any discount for little people?

  9. Yes of course... it's 80 e for the whole DVD box-set... How's that for a discount?

  10. ..erm it's alot.... but its a discount so i suppose thats okay... (hands €80 to Gnome...) finance was never my forte...

  11. Elderly you really have to stop that. I mean, for god's sake... 80 e for gnome produced porn just because it's discounted?

    tsk, tsk

  12. ..sorry i didn't mean to offend, I should haggled first... where are my manners...


    what €80 for a gnome DVD are you mad!
    I wouldn't pay €80 for that, €20 is as much as im willing to pay....

  13. What? 20e? You're kidding me! You're killing me. I've got 4 wifes, 1 mistress and 7 seven kids. My mom is sick. My dad is sick. we 're all sick.

    75 e.

  14. your dads not sick, he was over in my place the other day threatening to blow my head off unless i got rid of my oblivion walkthrough...

    €75 what a cheek!..... no €30 is as far as i'll go and thats only because im sorry that your children ended up looking like you....

  15. Why'd you think he (dad, that is) missed? 70 euros minimum. Just look at the luxuriant case, the tantaizing pictures....