Jan 29, 2007

Another Wii post and 3 lovely new games to cuddle with (when you're all alone)

I know I haven't blogged much about the Wii recently and I know I should be reviewing the games I've already enjoyed, but the voices do indeed seem to have other plans. They've already forced me to post the pictures -screenshots some might call them- you see above and mention three quite promising forthcoming Wii games. Apparently only one of them a Nintendo release.

Nasty voices aside, let me ...uhm... swiftly introduce Looney Tunes, Driver and Super Paper Mario, a game that promptly got the Zelda treatment and made the jump from the Gamecube to the Wii. Here, that's them introduced then and me moving on to actually starting writing some proper reviews. Oh, and please let me thank the Wii Experience blog, as it was the source of them nifty piccies. Please? Thanks!

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  1. ...damn Driver... hope to hell they fixed the control system.....they've certainly had long enough to atone for their mistakes... if controls were fixed then driver would be a pretty ace title for the wee Wii...

  2. Then again, Wii's motion sensing control scheme can open great new avenues of horrid game-controls... Oh, the joy!

  3. ...joy indeed, now if you'll excuse me i'll get in some practice....

    (picks up tv remote control.... practices ninja Wiimote exercises......)

  4. Super Paper Mario looks great, I can't wait for that. I loved Paper Mario 2: The thousand-year door. The dialogue and gameplay was surprisingly fresh and witty. Not what I expected at all having not played the 1st game.

  5. (stares at Elderly... Genuinely impressive skill)

    Oh come on Mr. Elderly, all you have to do is ask Nintnedo as a succesful blogger and they'll send you one...

    All I knew about the SPM dear J was I loved the art-style. Now, I know lots more! Thanks mate :)

  6. ..yeah right like nintendo could ever..... (runs to computer...)

    (extract from elderlies begging letter to Nintendo....)

    ..puppy died on christmas day when i was 10...

    (sorry wrong quote...narrator)

    ..wake up in the middle of the night in agonising pain with arhthritis oh yes and i have dentures as well.

    so if you could see your way through to sending me a Wii i'd be eternally grateful)

  7. I'm confident you've sent the correct letter. Oh, and do ask 'em for some batteries too, they might come in handy. Ask for pizza too and please -please- tell about m back...

  8. will do, batteries got it,

    okay here goes....(presses send.....)

    well nothing for it but to wait..

    (sits down...)

  9. You did say please, didn't you?

  10. ..? ahmmm is please important? only i think i forgot...

    should i send it again.... with please added?

  11. Definitely. Say you're very pleased too... It's the "p" "l" combo that drives em mad with generosity.

  12. p and l... gottit....

    if i could use "pull" and "pallitative", "Pillock" "please" and "palomino" in the same sentence they should cave in

    bloody genius!!