Dec 15, 2006

A post about a Wii

Gnomes and nymphs have traditionally (according to my very own, very personal mythology) been close. Their relationships have been excellent and accordingly peaceful, ever since Zeus decided to modernize the local (uhm, Greek) mythological fauna by letting gnomes build their wee weird settlements. Things haven't changed much since. Well, we did get broadband recently, but that sort of sums progress up. Oh, and Lenin did drop by for a weekend.

Anyway. You don't care about such things, I'm sure. What's really important, and perhaps even of interest to you too, oh most loyal of readers, is that a beautiful nymph actually gave me -a lowly gnome- a Wii. Yes, a whole European Nintendo Wii. And I've been fiddling with it for 6 days now. And it's rather brilliant. Well not as brilliant as said nymph of course, but pretty enjoyable as far as gaming consoles go.

As I have yet to take my poor Wii for an online stroll, guess I'd rather focus on its more traditional features. Better then begin from the packaging. It's stylish, very Apple like, and the tiniest Google search will convince you of the validity of this statement. What's different in the European version though is that the bundled game, Wii Sports, comes in a proper DVD case, along with (multi-lingual) manuals, registration cards and precious Nintendo VIP points. Hah! And we also get a nice extra adapter, I'm not very sure what to use for... Definitely not edible, that. Still, a nice touch.

Now, I'm not gonna tire you with re-reviewing the whole thing either. Most probably you already know how intuitively simple the Wii interface is, or how smart and comfortable the Wiimote-Nunchuk combination can be. If not, better check those reviews out. All I have to add is that this is the first console ever that seemed able to make my PC gaming attempts seem boring. It even went as far as forcing me to actually pay 120 euros for a mere 2 games (The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Rayman Raving Rabbits), that will be reviewed in due time.

Bah! No point in blogging any further. The Wii really is a great console. Bloody amazing, too. And the first non-retroed one I lay my hands upon! Gasp!

Oh, and apparently, tens of free (unsold actually) Wii consoles are roaming in downtown Athens. No one should have trouble getting one. Videogaming ques are -thankfully- unheard of in Greece. Just don't think it'll be as easy finding an extra controller.

Ah, lovely nymph...

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  1. Frankly fantastic endorsement of the Wii, and of having a lovely nymph to buy you one...
    You are very lucky in both respects...
    I'm doubly impressed by your enthusiasm for the new 'DC' and your obvious love for your obviously lovely lady!
    Enjoy the pleasure of having scored that double whammy!
    I'll not be surprised if your blogging capacity takes a lower gear, and so it should!
    Enjoy the time spent with your significant other, enjoy the time spent with your new console, and enjoy your weekend, most worthy of Gnomes!
    I'll catch up with you soon partner!
    Regards and blessings!!

  2. (gnomes blushes and remains speechless)


    (decides to speak)

    Thank you very much dear Father Krishna...

  3. The Wii does rock though. I love it. I've decided to take a break from Zelda, 'cos I've been ploughing through it as of late.

  4. Gnome, you just raised my Wii wantness level even higher!

  5. You are correct dear J. Time for some Rayman silliness then...

    Gamer C, I hope Nintendo rewards me for that...

  6. An endorsement from Gnome is an endorsment indeed, Ireland is not set to fair so well as Athens in Wii availability.... but damn you could sell snow to eskimos.....

    Hail to the nymph....!!!!

  7. A fine post if I do say so myself. I decided to go the Microsoft route and get a 360 instead of a Wii. Yes, even after all my hype.

  8. Care for some tea then Mr. Elderly? While we ponder on our snow selling enterprise?

    Oh, and ross, WHAT? weren't you supposed to already have a Wii?

  9. (watches snow melting..... puts on kettle..... we may have to drop our prices if this thaw continues.......)

  10. People would never go for budget snow though... Our stuff is designers stuff? Snowing huh? Lucky you...

  11. ..designer thawing snow.... designer water.... Gnome we may have hit on a money maker...

    why have bottled water, when you can have Gucci Water, or Yves StLaurent Water.... Gnome I think this is it......

  12. Yes! Yes!

    But, we're not Guchi, are we? How should we call it? Not Pick-Axe water, I'm sure...

  13. no our right pickaxe water dosen't have that wow factor..

    let me see...

    old gnome spring water,

    "plucked from the bladder of the Earth.... "

    sounds good.. what do you think?

  14. I recently got a nice little award at work that would cover the cost of a Wii. I narrowly missed getting a Wii two weeks in a row, but the Target stores here are getting fewer and fewer units. One store got 128 and three weeks later got only 16.

    Unfortunately, I then took the time to start thinking about all the things that need upgrading around the house like a dishwasher or stove or a new backyard deck.

    But my son has seen the Wii commercials and his eyes are glazing when he explains to me how it works.

  15. A fine name Mr. Elderly... fine. just fine. It will be a smash hit in the grotesque-chic high-class clubs... They'll absolutely love it...

    My Gutter-y friend, heresay, forces me to believe one cannot evade ones son's wishes. Which -as far as I can remember- is a very good thing (tm). Besides a Wii makes everyone happy... no, not really, but it really is fun...