Dec 13, 2006

Cartography: The Legend of Zelda (NES)

The Wii Experience is obviously staffed by obsessive and highly trained people & elves, very literally bound to help you with your (original/NES) The Legend of Zelda adventures, especially if you choose to play through them using your brand new Wii Virtual Console (I'm pretty sure though, that playing the original cartridge isn't frowned upon either). Thus, the map above was provided.

For a more detailed version click on it, but for the trully huge full-resolution image click here.

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  1. Zelda has to be one of the greatest games ever invented.
    its definelty my favourite and i cant wait the play a zelda game on the wii!

  2. You are indeed correct in your estimation, as Zelda on the Wii is bloody amazing. Still, be patient my dear Sam (spoken in proper Frodo voice)

    Nice site...

  3. (struggles with enormous map......)

    ergh! uuummmmm ughhhh...

    are there instructions on how to fold the map....

    urrrgghhhh humpf...

  4. (gnome tidies elderlys map. Goes one to explain a thing or two on folding maps and official regulations)



  5. thank you... such enourmousness of mapness.....

    tea or porn....? hmmmmmmm
    porn it is...

  6. That's pretty cool. The overworld's pretty large! I've never played the original Zelda game. I'm not sure if I can be asked to play it and if I could handle it having played Twilight princess for the past week. *lol*

  7. No porns in your tea then, Elderly dear?

    Aha! so you've been all Zeldaing J, haven't you? A great game though... Started eating my life too...

  8. ..considers porn in tea.... well maybe just two portions..... with milk of course.......

  9. As always, my friend, as always...