Oct 13, 2006

The (almost complete) Sonic level-map collection

Care for some Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 3 and Knuckles maps? Don't care if things like springs, collapsible scenery, badniks, rings and floating or moving platforms are completely missing? Like what you see below (it actually tends to be more visible when clicked)? Then, by all means, do visit this nice retro corner of cyberspace.

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  1. I Love these maps of old video games. I just can not think of anything useful to do with them. Maybe if they were bigger I would use them to make wallpaper. That would be cool

  2. A fair point... Not very useful really... Still, they are nice...

  3. no......

    their definitive....!

    (fecking fingers)

  4. Aha! Whose definitive?

  5. ...(loses track for a second... soon picks up pace...)

    The maps.... their definitive...
    ..this is Gnomes place isn't it...?

    (checks halldoor number.....)

  6. So..what are they defining? And would you like a coke with that?

  7. definitive as in Authoritative and complete, i mean theres no blank bits in the maps... like in olden times when america looked like a a frankfurter after a hit an run...

    ......(reads tag on Gnomes shirt.....which says "Gnomes Shirt")

    you haven't been getting hot flushs lately have you?

  8. No, mainly because I don't exactly understand what the question is all about? Could you please try speaking a bit in Greek too?

    I mean, I have been trying to speak english all those months... It's rather unfair...

  9. Ζητώ συγγνώμη δεν είμαι ευγενικός είστε άρρωστοι; δεν είστε οι ίδιοι; Τα ιαπωνικά μου απορροφούν

  10. Ha, hehehehe, haha!


    (you're absolutely paranoid)

  11. Damn I'm slow these days...

    I'm all over these Gnomey... These are going to make their way onto Re:Retro and probably my personal blog too...

    BTW - Re:Retro's going to receive some new content soon... I took some time out, but I'll be slowly bringing it back shortly :)

  12. ? paranoid.. me.. you think? or are you just saying that to manipulate me... maybe you didnt' say that.. maybe i thought you said it..... maybe you made me think i thought you said..it... i'm keeping a close eye on you..... no funny moves... well unless i get bored and stuff...

    ...τι ήταν αυτός;

  13. Ah, welcome back Jonic! Knew you'd enjoy these... What's the URL of your non RE:Retro blog?

    You're acting all weird dear friend.. i said nothing. My lips were sealed all the time... Please don't keep a closed eye on me...

    Αυτός είναι ακόμα ένας σύντροφος. Με ρετρό μπλογκ...