Oct 14, 2006

PSPZX81 upgrades your PSP to a ZX-81

Actually the PSPZX81 is more of an emulator than an upgrade really, but you'd better think of it as a course in video games history. The PSPZX81, you see, will bring all the power of the original Sinclair ZX81 (meet the beast here) and its whole 1Kb of RAM to your humble PSP, which is -clearly- not a good thing. Anyway. You'll even be able to enjoy such timeless classics as Battlestar Galactica:

Get the (free) emulator here, and some (obviously free) games here. If you really need a Sony PSP too, then get it here.

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  1. lik sang have kidnapped the psp and are demanding a ransom of $229... please advise!

  2. No!!!!!

    They are supposed to be giving you money... And, I'd rather buy a DS...

  3. .....(dons SWAT uniform....)

    I'm not standing for it...... I'm going back in there and demand they relese the psp immediately..

    (..packs teargas, riot shield and electrical baton...Holds fist in the air..)

    For gamers everywhere.....!

    (jumps out window......)

  4. (gnome salutes and begins work on organizing gamers worldwide)

    (everyone sings the International)


  5. (enters through the halldoor.... bedraggled... war beaten.....)

    you might want to hold out on the revolution.....

    I battled my way to the 7th level of security opened the psp cage... and guess what.....

    they want to stay.... said something about being needed...and knowing their place...

    bulll!.... so all that effort was for nothing..... they also said something about it being a legitimate online store.....

    you didn't by any chance know anything about that before i left did you..... ?

  6. Off course not. I'd never send you to a pointless suicide mission old friend, even though -and that's quite apparent- the "suicide" bit didn't quite work out...

    Why don't you try liberating a DS?

  7. That screen looks like the Predators arm cpu thingy... To hightech for me I think....

  8. Yes it is so unimaginably high-tech the Predator would have to install a brand new (self destruyable) arm-computer-cloaking-device-thingy....

  9. geez a (self destruyable) arm-computer-cloaking-device-thingy..

    when did that come out then?

    ahh yes the DS, much more approachable, rational.... only I think I might have overstepped my visit on lik sang....

    (dons supernintendo outfit... puts on mask... and grabs a magic wand...)

    So what's the intel on the DS hostages then?

  10. They tell me, our mostly correct intel guys, it should be right next to where the PSP was... Should be a piece of cake...

    Remember... once you enter Sang's place expect t ofind quite a few of Liks.

    Take care!

  11. ...jeez those liks are armed to the teeth.. .still all in a days duties...

    wish me luck......

    (lifts cape, runs towards open window ...jumps......)

  12. Good luck!

    (gnome waves -and blows his nose- as eledrly flies into the sunset)

  13. ..aeons pass

    (gnome succumbs to extreme old age)

  14. (elderly flies in through the window..... lands beside and elderly Gnome...)

    ...phew! that was tough, freed all the DS, they should be round here later for tea......


    am you didn't see Gnome by any chance....?

  15. (gnome crumbles to dust and is dramatically blown away by the slightest of breezes)

  16. ...cough!....unfortunate that... think i've inhaled some Gnome dust... cough....

    (elderly's ears start burning)

  17. (unfortunately dust can't curse, or feel sorry. It's just that. Dust.)

  18. ...who said that..... Gnome is that you...? where the hell are you....?

    (elderly's ears start growing.....)


  19. (apparently gnome has been turned to dust. Can't really answer stuff)

  20. (elderly heads to the bathroom, stares at his ears in the mirror)

    they're growin all tall and pointy... what...this can't be happening.....

    I shouldn't have raided lik-sang..i've been cursed.... noooooooooooo!....

  21. Really, how would you expect someone who's just turned to dust answer you? The nerve... Oh, apparently Lik-Sang was a bit more cursed...

  22. (scen opens, bathroom brightly lit, as you return to the bathroom scene, the elderly'sears have grown to elf size,

    he now beleives he had been possesed by the sould of the aged gnome he had encountered on returning from his ill-fated lik sang mission.....but the pointy ears have given him a new ability...the power to hear the dead.....elderly brushs his teeth...scene ends)

  23. ----

    (nope... you've lost sid ability it seems)

  24. ...see i told you!