Oct 12, 2006

Hidden Expedition Titanic

Remember a time when reading about a game wasn't enough to help you understand how the bloody thing played? A time when quirkiness was banal? A time when men were men, modems were modems and the Titanic was resting in unreachable depths? Good, for this is the case with Hidden Expedition Titanic, a casual little game that has you diving and searching for the lost treasurers of the Titanic. Apparently in unreachable depths.

Plausibility aside, HET is a rather fun game. The gameplay is pretty straight-forward and the puzzles strangely addictive, the static 2d graphics are beautiful, the sounds are functional and atmospheric, the story cute and you'd better try the demo for yourselves. Preferably by clicking here.

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  1. ...just before i start.. .are the starfish edible....?

  2. Wow! Gnome, that looks like a beautiful game... Does the sea life actually move?
    I will have to give it a try.

    No you cant eat them! You can however smear a can of tuna all over your screen to get an amazing sea life experience..!

  3. Starfish are edible... I remeber having been offered one.. And, yes, yes, tuna is edible too... And, no, no, animation is very limited in this game...

  4. .... no, no I meant the ingame starfish... you can not eat them!

  5. (realiy and imagination suffer a little warp buckle...... elderly bravely continues....)

    so your telling me starfish are not animated and tuna could cause a near death experience when smeared all over your computer screen.... which I presume is inedible

    how am I going to tell which starfish is real and which is not.....

  6. Starfish do not really exist. They only are the (tasteless) simulacrum of a nice sea-stake...

    And the game is not edible.

  7. thank you for clearing that up..... any tips on getting tuna off a tft screen?

  8. Aha! So you did buy a new screen... you sneaky git you...

    Anyway. Standard procedure would include formatting the HD, and bathing the screen in chlorium. Quick procedure includes a cat.

  9. ....am i'll go with cat..... no the chlorium..... damn i hate choices.... does the cat option involve alcohol?

    indeed I am the proud owner of recently acquired TFT screen.... I was going to tell you but... well but... well it's like this.... see.... am ...erm......


  10. Sure... just feed the cat a tiny glass of watered down wine, have a tequila yourself and your (cunnigly hidden for ages) TFT will be clean as new...

  11. ...it's a relief you know.... attempting to hide the screen behind the curtains was erroneous... and terribly inconvenient... .thats a weight lifted off my shoulders.....

    (looks for a small glass..... picks a litre tumbler.... pours out the contents of wine bottle into the cats 1 litre capacity dinner bowl..... slugs some tequila....)

    now where were we?

  12. I think we were discussing the edibilty of various sea-thingies... Other than that, we were right here.

  13. ah αλιεύστε που δεν είναι εδώδιμο αφύσικος

  14. Ειλικρινά, δεν κατάλαβα τίποτα αγαπητέ σύντροφε!

    Care for some lobster?

  15. (translate Greek for Gnome....) i had said

    "amazing a fish you can't eat,"

    somehow said translation ended up as

    "ah you fish that is not comestible"

    obviously a problem with beta blogger....

  16. Now that everything is clear and we're all sober, will you try the damn lobster?

    Nice isn't it?

  17. ah lobster and tea... a pefect combination....