Jan 25, 2007

The Glorious Future of the Video Game

There's a certain combination of mushroom-swallowing and toad-licking that generally tends to grant true clairvoyance, as the following nice gif obviously proves (via). According to wise sources, it (the gif/picture thingy, that is) is a scan from the 1981 book Usborne Guide To Computers and has absolutely nothing to do with pr0n. Interesting, isn't it? Click on it for a proper read. Here's a toad...

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  1. Check these out here... This should help you narrow them down..!


  2. Here's another list for writing enhancement


  3. Thanks a ton! Really helpful...

  4. Oh I do like a good toad with a couple of mushrooms on the side...

    Now then young man! Where's the Segata Sanshiro post? I expected it to be here by now...

  5. 1981 thats astounding, that's (counts on fingers, takes off socks... counts toes.. ) 26 years ago.... feck!

    (..penny drops...)

    yikes i've got 26 digits....... im a freak!......

  6. It's coming right up Father. Have your toad and it'll be ready...

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiick! Mr. Elderly! I'm shocked!!!

  7. (throws towel over feet....)

    ...but how... I mean when? surely i'd have noticed this before....

    Im a freak..!

  8. ...gnome please.... i've never felt so ashamed... how the hell did i not count my toes before this... i can't beleive it....

    (a deject old person attempts to hide the deformity by standing behind the couch.....)

    ...i could have them amputated... yes thats it i'll cut them off.....( head to the kitchen....)

  9. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooo




    Well, ok, as you wish. But please better use the garden... We cook here you know.

  10. - "Long distance game" is actually about globalization. Think about it. Look at the picture, and how hard the two kids are concentrating. It's clearly not just a game.

    - Notice that "the ultimate game" takes place in a cubicle.

  11. Vladimir, besides your brilliant blog, I must admit I quite adore your political-ish comments. But, are you sure gobalization exists? Are you sure even cubicles exist?

    (correct answers: no, yes)

    Cheers my Situ friend!

  12. (heads to the garden.... axe and carving knife in hand....) Im going to do this, im going to make myself normal again.......

    (positions offending digits on wood block.... readies axe.....)

  13. (tries to distract kids and women)

    (gets arrested)

    Just don't do it deaaaaaaaaaaaaaar....

  14. I had this book! I remember it was full of tips to get more fun out of your games by playing handheld ones upside down, using the wrong hand to operate joysticks and the suchlike :D

    Great retro-find, as ever!

  15. Amazing! Glad you enjoyed it kde, and I do have a nagging feeling I must have touched this book too. Ages ago in my school's library... Thanks for being kind, again!

    Cheers mate!

  16. (enters room ..with clean axe...)

    ..just checking, you have got morphine in your first aid box i hope?

  17. Don't you want to discuss it? I do believe them fingers are so cute and cuddly... Give 'em a break. Get in touch with your ..erm.. feet...

  18. ...my feet?... why theres nothing wrong with my fingers is there? (afraid to look) it was my toes I had too many off, please dont' tell me i have too many fingers as well

    look for me Gnome, break it to me gently...

    (shuts eyes tightly closed, puts two hand in front of Gnomes face)

  19. No, no.. everything's fine... Them legs though...

  20. ...wah...wh.... what's wrong with my legs........

    i've only got two legs...

    tell me i've only got two legs.. haven't I, no more than two.. oh please.....

  21. They are tw allright...