Nov 2, 2006

Spectrum does Windows 3.1

Seeing is apparently believing. That must have been the exact same thought mcleodideafix had before going on and posting the following video on YouTube. A video showing MS Windows 3.1 (I think) running on the humble ZX Spectrum...

Interesting, was it? Hopefully you'll now stop believing everything gnomes tell you. How could you ever believe the puny Zilog Z80 processor would even come close to emulating even a fraction of a 486DX? Pah!

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  1. I dont see what all the hype is on that...? My computer looks alot better!! ;)
    I was waiting for something to happen in the last 2 minutes of the video there, but nothing did...

  2. ...a the good ol days when netscape came packaged with a computer... emulated in fine fashion.... and preserved for all eternity.. poetic that.... now please don't tell me the Zilog Z80 couldn't emulate a 486DX, my heart couldn't take it....

    and why didn't they call computers and the like by memorable names, like Alice and mary.... oh and Angelina..... e.g Angelina emulator for a Stephanie four would be far easier to remember..... and more erotic

    (stares into space.... space looks back...)

  3. AAaaah, ok then....

    Where the heck did Gnome go???

  4. ..he went out that door, that black door with the pentagram on it....

  5. I don't know what the hell that was but I thought it was interesting and very entertaining. Is that someone using a ZX now or way in the past? I love Retro-Future stuff. By that I mean things that looked very Hi-Tec in the past, but now terribly dated... e.g. Brick-like mobile phones, Logan's Run, the first Nokia camera phone used by Lara Croft, Metropolis, Buck Rogers in The 25th Century, cassette playing computers, 12" Laser Video Discs, Sony Walkmans and Watchmans,Dr. Who, Sleeper, LED Digital Watches, DreamcastInternet etc. (Shed's nostalgic tear...)

  6. (Waters the cat..... lets the plants out.... returns to gnomes tequila collection......)

  7. (feeds tequila plants, says hi to elderly, fails to answer fatherkrishna's comment, loves a plant, sleeps)

  8. yeah "ignores the good father" etc. Gnome you've changed... It wasn't like this when we first got together. I remember when I was special to you... Is there someone else?
    (Krishna runs off and sobs into his pillow) I know I've put on weight recently but I thought you loved me for 'me'...

  9. Here. have some flowers. Feeling better. Good.