Sep 1, 2006

A sleek and slow August

Thirty posts in the heart (and heat) of the Summer and during the gnomes' vacationing period is definitely something weird. Suspiciously weird some might say. Perhaps too weird for the Inquisition to ignore... Hopefully they (Inquisitors, not gnomes) have stopped burning people since the early 17th century, thus helping mankind develop a relative feeling of safety and me -a humble gnome- selecting the more interesting and/or extensive posts of August.

Wik and the Fable of Souls.

Will Wright's first video game.

The manifesto rich Man!festo Games.

Visiting Day: a freeware PSP game.

Board Games from the SA crypt.

The latest Warhammer news and rumors.

Hot and horny RPG e-books. ;)

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  1. (hides the last of the polished tequila bottles) yes indeed a brilliant month

  2. And this being a happy occasion let's not argue and bicker about who took whose bottle. Let's just drink up...

  3. okay I (unsurprisingly) agree........

    (pours some tequila for gnomesy)

    L'Chaim! (little hint of irony there)

  4. damn! Didn't get it... silly me...

  5. (pours again) L'chaim!!

    an old Israeli greeting

    "To life!!"