Aug 26, 2006

Manifestos and Man!festoGAMES

As far as manifestos go, us gnomes can't help but fondly remember the 1848 published Communist Manifesto, the various contradicting DADA manifestos (here's the first one) and the admittedly surprising Scratchware Manifesto by Greg Costikyan (of Paranoia XP fame).

Man!festo Games (safely located here), on the other hand, is not a manifesto per se, but more of a gaming outlet based on one.

Run by a Central Committee and featuring top indy and innovative games, it has just (well, almost) gone live. Have a look. It's gaming for the masses and you might even have a chance to shoot an alien or two.

After all, comrades:

"The machinery of gaming has run amok.

Instead of serving creative vision, it suppresses it. Instead of encouraging innovation, it represses it. Instead of taking its cue from our most imaginative minds, it takes its cue from the latest month's PC Data list. Instead of rewarding those who succeed, it penalizes them with development budgets so high and royalties so low that there can be no reward for creators. Instead of ascribing credit to those who deserve it, it seeks to associate success with the corporate machine.

It is time for revolution."

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  1. impressed i was by your manifesto post, but the dada one lost me when it got to the "sumatral head of German babies", the games one is much easier to die for

  2. Fair enough... Dada on the other hand is so much easier to paint for... Or destroy art for... Whatever one wishes.

    (super) DADA!

  3. Gnome, still as great as ever.

    And I love your new site design!

  4. Thank you so much my friend... glad you like the design...

  5. what are you doing awake at this hour of the morning...... no wonder i couldn't sleep with you shuffling around.......

  6. Sorry... didn't mean to keep you awake... We weren't loud, were we?

  7. strangest thing I slept through my alarm...... must get a louder one... .never did that before... more than one of you was there? party was there?

  8. Hardly a party... We were definitely less than 3. Aha. Quite so.

  9. ah thr33 a perfect number.......

  10. Quite so ninja-comrade.