Jul 6, 2006

New Mags On The Block

It's amazing what a gnome can find in the internet. What's even more amazing are the number of things (res) that can actually find a gnome. Take play.d magazine for example. It's a brilliant and very stylish attempt at a gaming magazine, that has already reached issue #2 and a res I would never have read, hadn't it mailed its existence to my attention.

Thankfully I am not in a bastard mood... More in a sharing one. Download play.d here.

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  1. Not bad, but as far as online magazines the only ones I really read every time are The Escapist and Gamer's Quarter both of which are always incredible.

  2. hee hee, now we have to figure out who they found first......gnomes and elderly gamers succours for well written emails......

  3. Jakanden, I knew (and dearly loved) the Escapist, but Gamer's Quarter was an extremely pleasant surprise! Thanks for the tip!

    Mr. Elderly, I'm pretty sure they first came over to your (fantastic) place. It is so much more popular after all (and rigthly so, if I may humbly add).

    Oh, and it was a bloody great read, with an excellent retro feature.

  4. no i insist it was to your illustrous blog, which caught their attention.

    i am merely a linker, a pariah, you on the other hand are an originator, a figurehead, a prodigy.

    it is i that humbly lie in your shadow, waiting for a morcel from the masters table......

    (bows from the waist)

    (whispers....if it hasn't become evident, im outta tequila.....and I was just wondering......!!)

  5. I insist too, but this is apparently futile...

    So, all I can do is send you some of my Tequilla through the net... A tough one, but I'll try it. I can't promise anything though...

  6. its okay, i can get the fumes from here.......just leave the bottle open a tad longer.......thank you!

  7. You got it and your are -as always- very welcome.

  8. (checks the rules)

    (:)........some salvidor dali to finish

  9. .)> here's a picasso then

  10. ......probably holding a ping-pong ball between your teeth, indeed the whipped cream would add a cer....

    sorry wrong blog