Jul 3, 2006

Museum Monday #21

Monday. Museum Monday #21. Evil premonitions and retro gaming for the 21st time. Amazing, unexpectedly long lived and a triumph against Monday's horrible daemons, this symbolic 21st Museum Monday almost makes me want to cry, or better, see if No Signal Input is featuring the Monday retro review Tom promised.

Nothing there (at least not yet), but nobody escapes the ways of Monday. Hmmm...

Oh, and if all you are looking for is a museum to visit, do try the ClassicGaming.com Console Museum. It covers retro consoles! (Yes, really! Let's all GASP with excitement!) Stuff like the first Pong machines, the Atari 2600, the Odyssey, the NES, the MegaDrive, the 3DO and the rest of the retroboyz are all presented with nice informative posts and a few half-decent pics.

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  1. Thanks for plugging me :-)

    It's up now by the way, it's not as well written as I wanted it to be but I was kinda in a rush. Plus, it's extremely hot here.

    I should have really done it on Sunday but I didn't have the time. Ah well, I'll be planning next weeks over the next few days.

  2. I just changed it a bit actually. I'll stop comment whoring now :-)

  3. Always feel free to cooment-whore around the place. That's waht it's for (well almost...). Oh, a great post too!

  4. Happy coming of age post,

    imaginative console names i notice..lynx, jaguar, amstrad, odyssey......not like we get now wii ps3 xbox360.....

  5. Looking for a Turbo Duo now so I can I play Dracula X on it. Problem is, I don't feel like paying $300 bucks for a console just to play one game. *Here's hoping it'll be available on the Nintendo Wii.*

    Where the whores?

  6. Nowhere... False alarm..

    Oh, and better wait for the Wii... it will almost certainly feature a Dracula X.

    And, Mr Elderly .. those were the names...

  7. (sets the alarm clock for wii.....)

  8. (wakes up startled, looks at alarm clock, looks at gnome)

    LOL, you big kidder you!!!