Jul 1, 2006

Another month, another round-up. June.

It's official. April and May are over. Apparently so is June (wow, that was fast). Summer is here and the concrete is radiating its accumulated heat all over my gnome's face just to make this point clear. Still -and despite the unbearable heat- things don't seem to loosen up, and here's a selection of my better June posts and articles to prove it. There are more of the little buggers of course, but you'll have to dig into the dungeons of the Lair's archives or even use the categories feature to find them. For now, here's a selection (in no particular order):

The Soviet super home-computer of yore.

Beautiful screenshots from sick & gory games. Disturbing.

LucasArts' hidden ftp site.

Text is king! The interactive fiction feature.

Nude Mario videos !!

Warhammer news and rumors along with a nice White Dwarf review.

Escape the Dragon's Dungeon, or at least try to.

Adrian Smith's
amazing and quite fantastic (in the literary sense of course) art.

Download White Dwarf issue 1. For free.

Oblivion mods, apparently for the PC version. Oh, and there's a Monkey Island themed mod too.

WTF? A Dreamcast 2? No.

Head over Heels; a top retro remake.

Sensible Soccer 2006 review.

Pong. Donkey Pong. The Turd.

John Cleese says 'Fuck!' at a British memorial service.

The Chaos Bowl.

Gabriel Knight 2 video feature.

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  1. I might have to steal this idea for my blog /grin

    Good post since I just found your blog with the Gory scenes post. Thanks =)

  2. Feel free to steal anything you like... Oh, and you're welcome. Nice blog too.

  3. exceptional posts, exceptional blog, exceptional beardy person.

    I'm could be forgiven for saying it was indeed an exceptional month!!

    loads of favourites, the one I thought would define the conversation on game censoring ended up as a definitive gory scene fest but even then it went beyond the norm......

    now if you'l excuse me....click!...i clicked on the.....effing....click!

  4. Thanks - even though Blogger links to my old one so I am not sure which one you saw heh

  5. Yes, Jakanden, but your old blog, does link to your new one :)

    Glad you had fun drinking @ the Lair this month Mr. Elderly. But please...stop clicking at the Dungeon.. it's a never ending one.

  6. Would help if I had actually looked at the old one eh?

    That is what happens when you get home from an overly long shift with no sleep I guess =)

  7. Always sleep before commenting. I've just learned this one...

  8. its okay to sleep when your commen........zzzz!

  9. Wakey - wakey Mr.Elderly...

  10. ....huh!......sorry, it's just real cosy in here.......(rubs eyes)

  11. First you drink your Tequilla, then you have lunch, then back to sleep... I Know it's cozy... It cost me a bleeding fortune you know...

  12. well it was money well spent......hic! (ruffles up cushion.....) next time i'll bring my own hic....bottle....and thats a promise.....

  13. No need... I'm preparing a huge money-making scheme!

  14. Nope... something completely different, and far more sinister...

  15. is it a vegetable?
    can you eat it?
    if i dropped it would it bounce?

  16. no.
    only if you try really hard.

  17. okay were getting somewhere....a ha i have it

    your going to write for palladium games...am i close, am i, am i, huh!

    (sees gnome put on his patient face)

    okay then, your going to design red hats with Gnomehead written on them? aren't you, huh! im close aren't, huh!

    (sees gnome raise his eyes to heaven)

    okay then is it a mineral?

  18. It (he/she??) does have a few mineral parts, and I'm definitely designing some hats...

    You ARE getting close... too close perhaps

  19. in the interests of corporate secrecy i will stop now.......(checks room for bugs) the walls have ears......

  20. and ears have -at times- walls... Oh, how political...

  21. whatever you say, say nothing when you talk about you know what! or you know who will hear you and god knows what might happen..........(puts on tinfoil and antenna)