Apr 3, 2006

Adventure Lantern: the April edition

Apparently, visiting AdventureLantern.com, is a rather guaranteed way of getting the latest (4th - April) issue of the Adventure Lantern (pdf) video games magazine. This issue features (among tons of other stuff) reviews of Scratches, CSI 3, 80 Days and Evil Dead, previews of Kapten Brawe, Hidden Rooms and The Forgotten Element, along with interviews and walkthroughs. My humble (and lowly, and self-degrading) contribution to this wonderful issue consisted of one review (of Space Quest IV) and one walkthrough (of Space Quest IV -Gasp!- can you believe it? Of course you can).

So...you're asking, what you are supposed to do. That's an easy one. You will visit AdventureLantern.com, download the latest issue, read it, feel happy, and then come back here in Gnome's Lair and have a look at the Space Quest IV easter eggs or read a nice review of Lula 3d. Simple.

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